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Discussion in 'Technology Chat' started by Doctor_Proctor, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. I noticed some of you used to compare lap times on Project Cars, and since that games getting on a bit now I was wondering if anyone on here plays GTsport now?

    And if so I’m thinking it would be even better to have a little go at setting some fast lap times on GTsport and then post up your best times on here. Or even having a RS Megane day in the lobbies, as sad as that sounds it actually makes a lot of sense with this “summer” weather we’re having at the moment. If you want to add me on psn my gamer tag is Doctor_Proctor1.

    Just to set things off (if anyone’s game..) this is a lap time I just set with a Standard mk3 trophy with sport hard tyres at brands on the Indy circuit, get posting chaps. 82B0FE13-51F9-407A-A717-B5C690A7AE45.jpeg 0B2B6283-283E-4C8A-B2E8-787E887141D1.jpeg
  2. Or not..:tearsofjoy:

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