Goodbye, for now.

Discussion in 'Megane Discussion' started by Paddy80, Feb 27, 2021.

  1. My Meg has been replaced with a heavy heart, planning on getting another one in a few years though. Will stay as a paid member to support the forum. Cheers lads
  2. What’s the replacement?
  3. Clio 220 Trophy in Flame red. Meg was at the mileage where the usual stuff needs doing. Planning on moving in a few years so wanted to save a bit. This Clio has low mileage plus extended warranty so should be hassle free. Also scratching itch with the semi auto thing, quite impressed so far.
  4. Nice.
  5. And I'm back in a Mégane, my life is complete once again!
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  6. Welcome back! Any pics of the new toy?
  7. IMG-20230413-WA0007.jpg
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  8. Beautiful car! How do you compare a Clio 4 RS to a Meg 3 RS? Not missing the semi auto?
  9. Not missing the semi auto aspect at all.
    The Clio 220 Trophy is a very capable and deceptively quick car, unfortunately it just just doesn't have same level of involvement of the Mégane. My left leg is happy again!
  10. Cool, thanks for sharing your experience. Every now and then I'm looking at a semi-auto RS as a replacement for the 250, but as it's not my daily car, I'm afraid of losing the involvement as you perfectly described. It's hard to say goodbye to the Meg3 RS!
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  11. Welcome back.
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  12. I'm on my 3rd Megane, no 4th! (RS265, R26, R26 and now.... R26!)
  13. Time for a fifth?
  14. Lol, only just got the 4th so let's see1

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