R26 Good News/Bad News (the money pit)

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  1. A SMF will make things a little more responsive, but without extra power. It certainly makes things feel a bit better.

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  2. Actually, I'm guessing you've already got that with the new clutch?!

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  3. ianplymouth

    ianplymouth RSM Club Member

    I don't know, first thing i did was to dump the cat, it is so restrictive when you start to tune these cars, i think you might get about 250/260 bhp with a remap, no point fitting a 250 turbo as it will struggle to get rid of the extra gas, mine had a cat to start with but the rest of the exhaust was straight through still only about 94db.
  4. Sorry - got the SMF done aswell.
  5. Fair enough. Andy @ ED is saying 260-270.
    Paul at RS was saying 280 but that was just with me describing what the cars had done up to now.
  6. A sports cat would help release a bit more power.

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  7. S
    Ooh will look into that and probably get all confused and come back here in a day or so. ;-)
  8. dump the cat as tree hugging is a waste of time....go to the usa and see how much those guys are pumping out all day long....i dont think your megane is going to make much difference

    just my 2p
  9. You know my mantra - sports cat, lot of wonga for not much bhp.

    Plus every little breath of fresh air is sacred. Or was it sperm.
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  10. ?
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  11. If anyone could give me actual figures it would help my decision. An extra 10bhp might be worth it. 5 not so much.
  12. Monty Python reference...
  13. My standard megane made 265hp and 285lb/ft with a Rs Tuning remap (stage 1).
    Only thing i have done since then is added the Ktec induction kit,that definitely helps the car pull harder at higher revs and has added a few more hp/lb/ft.

    So why bother with all the hassle of decatting,and having to find a MOT station thats`friendly` to decats for a few more horsepower.

    I think with that output, you have enough power to keep up with most stuff,as well as the ability to use every last lb/ft the majority of the time.
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  14. This was how I felt when I bought the car and it was dyno'd at 256. Then through all the enforced upgrades I got sucked into the power hunt.
    I need a Horlicks and enjoy the 260-270 I'll have in a week and a half. :-)
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  15. I suppose its about balance.The new Cupra has 300hp, which seems to have pushed the FWD chassis to far according to reviews ,which say the car has become ragged,trying to contain the added power.

    What i love about my R26 is you can give it every last Hp the engine has..and everything else in the package keeps up.
    Its still a thrilling car on the right road.

    My mates turbo DC2 has 360hp and its utterly terrifying trying to use its performance.
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  16. Stay strong. Notice how other people are quick to spend your money for you. You've got a solid and reliable motor inbound...
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  17. I reckon it's got to be great knowing that you've got a decent, strong, pretty much new engine that shouldn't let you down at all! Nice!

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  18. Don't jinx it!!! ;-)
  19. So picked up car yesterday after remap and cooler fitted. Final figure was 261bhp which was obviously lower end of Andy's estimate. He enlarged the airbox aswell and that gave a gain of an extra 20 bhp.
    So now i can run it ragged and it "seems" quicker than i remember and the exhaust definitely sounds better than i remember.
    Had a little race with my brother in his 2003 BMW 535i and my car made it look silly - not a great comparison i know.
    Need to get it on track at least once this year and for a day not an evening.
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  20. ianplymouth

    ianplymouth RSM Club Member

    Still spaces on Tuesday at Spa :laughing:
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  21. Can only just about afford uk trackdays this year - have you not been following this thread? ;-)

    Enjoy Spa.
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  22. ianplymouth

    ianplymouth RSM Club Member

    Ohh yes i have and that's why i think you need to let off some steam at Spa :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:
  23. Treat me and I'm there... ;-)
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  24. ianplymouth

    ianplymouth RSM Club Member

    I would if i could, but next month is going to be expensive for me, Nurburgring, 2 days at Spa and then 2 weeks later a Nurburgring track day :dizzy:
  25. I'm not jealous. At all. Oh no. :-(
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