R26 Good News/Bad News (the money pit)

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  1. So Andy from Engine Dynamics called me today. Blown piston is the diagnosis. Engine rebuild and forged pistons the prescription.

    This is something I would've had done maybe next year anyway so that's the slightly good news.

    Could get a 2nd hand engine but same thing or something else could happen unless it was recently rebuilt itself.

    Gonna be a couple of grand at least but then surely it will be good for a few years after that?

    Any other considerations?

    I'm not crying. Yet. :-)
  2. Could do what others did and buy a second hand 250 engine. Can handle the max for a hybrid 250 turbo can give on std internals.
  3. Sad news eddie. It is hard to give u directions. It all comes down to what kind of relationship u have with your car. Mine melted a piston last year, but i absolutely loved the car and going forged was the only option.
    Then how much can u spend and how soon u need the car back on road. Is it a daily?
    U mentioned that u would have gone forged later anyway? 250 engine is an option and one i wish i went that way.
    U looking at like 4 grand for rebuild, drive in drive out, at engine dynamics? Then its 250 turbo, 630 injectors, new clutch, map... not far away from mk3 meg rs, money wise.
    Guess im not much help mate. All comes down to how much u love tis car, so u don't regret the money spent

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  5. It's not a daily.
    Andy's going to email me some quotes/options.
    How much would a 250 engine go for and how risky is it? At least doing it through ED I will know exactly what's been done and will almost be like starting with a new engine?
  6. thats the trouble, you will never really know how a used 250 engine has been looked after. Personally,finances allowing, i'd go forged, as you say, at least you know its all as it should be, also gives a bit of scope for further tuning if you wanted it down the line. Expensive hobby isn't it : )
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  7. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    depending what you go for id say 4k-5k

    cheaper to buy another car lol going by the prices of r26's now
  8. :-(
  9. Gutted for you mate, that's bad news! But....on the positive side, a new engine = more possibilities! [emoji3] Good luck brother!

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  10. If you go for the rebuild don't get talked into stuff you don't need. Keep it fairly standard, strong and future reliable. You're going to end up with a £10.5K car now worth £4.5K and going to have to keep it for a long while to feel you have some return on it. So ignore the waste of money 'mod brigade' as your money pit will just get deeper.

    The only other option is to cut your losses and break it. Might get back £3K, which on paper will be less than you will loose with a rebuild. Sometimes it's psychologically more acceptable to keep feeding a money pit than accept a smaller immediate loss.
  11. the 'waste of money mod brigade' oh mate, this is another cracker, keep em coming.

    Spend what you want on it eddie ninja, you'll never get it back, but life is for enjoying, so don't listen to mr misery, doesn't help his cause that he doesn't appear to have a car to mod, so any advice is a bit worthless as usual.
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  12. Things that are a....complete, and utter waste of money.....to some people, seem perfectly sensible to someone else.Its your money, spend and enjoy, as you can't spend it when you are dead.
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  13. It really depends on how much you like the car, before you make a major investment on a forged engine.
    it will cost you as much as you have paid for the car originally.

    250 engines are stronger than the R26`s F4rt,so maybe this will be the more cost effective way of moving forward.
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  14. I have given you the benefit of the doubt as I like to make my own mind up about people but you do seem to be on a mission to wind some peeps up. I'm not a modder and probably never will be but each to their own and I'm on a Megane forum where most of the dudes on it will be into that.
    You do seem to know what you're on about (to my newbie eye) and I like to hear it but it's dull if you're going to wind others up via a reply to me. Innit :-)
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  15. I do love the car and it was phemonal on track and I like the idea of the extra performance/reliability a rebuild will bring. I've accepted it's never going to make it's money back and I can see myself owning this for a good few years yet. :-)
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  16. yep, once you've committed the money to it, may as well keep it and enjoy it, i do mine, i'll list all my mods soon, that'll really piss the troll off.......lol
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  17. Good man! I reckon there's a few of us here that'll be keeping, and spending more money on our cars for quite a while yet! As they say...if you love it, don't lose it! Eddie, I'd be interested to hear the quotes you get from ED as I'm definitely planning on going down the same route early next year.

    Keep the faith, brother! [emoji3]

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  18. ianplymouth

    ianplymouth RSM Club Member

    Sorry been away watching the BSB at Thruxton
    have a look here http://www.rsmegane.com/threads/225-inferno-getting-a-250-engine.13083/

    The 250 option i went for suits me great, Paul (RST) said that he has not hit the limit of a 250 engine yet so there is some more potential if i want to go for it, the only problem with that is at the moment it is so tractable and the power starts at around 2000rpm and pulls to the limiter and that makes it a lot less stressful on track and on the road.
    I have done a good amount of trackdays and travelling since i put the engine in i wouldn't hesitate to go down that road again.
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  19. I've got the quote and am going with it. I only need the one kidney anyway and remortgaging makes me feel all fuzzy. ;-)
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  20. So the car is with ED. The cost is at the bottom end of the estimates as they can reuse some parts from the recent full service it had plus a small discount.
    Was going to get an r26r clutch but it's another £600 so changed my mind. I get they'd be no labour charge. Andy was disappointed in this until I explained that at the end of the build I'll be over £5k into a car I bought for £4200 in April!
    Another annoying issue is they will have to roll-back the remap to standard so I'll have to fork out for that.
    Moan moan whinge whinge ;-)
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  21. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    have you got a list of what its having done?
  22. Yep - literally everything listed on the level 1 build minus cam belt (reusing) and engine block machining + oil spray jets.
  23. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    needs to be rebored?
  24. So they say - piston blew and scored the chamber.
  25. So it was dodgy injectors that caused this. Am getting 630's put on it.
    So with the new injectors, uprated clutch and a remap what else will I need (if anything) to get to about 280 bhp?
    I know aiming for 300 will need a turbo upgrade and intercooler - I'm trying to spend as little extra cash as possible now.
  26. Morning eddie, that's bad news about the injector causing so much damage. Can't remember if you had one fitted already, but an induction kit would help. I've got the ktec kit, it sounds great, it's easy to fit but pricey for what you get! If you could stretch to it, a 250 turbo and bigger intercooler is well worth it in my humble opinion and totally transforms the car. Very pleased with mine, but I'm gonna go forged early next year.
    I hope yours is progressing and that you've not lost the faith!

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  27. Perhaps just get it back running and add things as and when you can mate.
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  28. You're not helping! ;-)
  29. That was original plan but way I'm financing this is via a flexible friend and that getting paid off by remortgaging in a few months. So it's balls deep now or nothing.
  30. in that case , may as well get some forged rods put in, 630s, 250 turbo, I/C an see 300+/330lbs/ft, sit back and wait for the forum prophet of gloom to piss on your bonfire...LOL
    Hope you get it all sorted at reasonable cost, have to join us posers on a trackday once you're sorted mate.
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  31. Just throwing in my 2 pence worth.

    Forged rods does seem like a wise thing to include at this stage in my opinion (although through dodgy man maths I can justify almost anything to myself)

    My reasoning being I had heard the rods on the 225/230 engine were a torque limiting factor, and if in future you wish to increase power the last thing you want is to open the engine up again. Most other bits required will be bolt on so can be done as needed without too much hassle - Hybrid / 250 turbo, injectors, intercooler etc. I would do the R26 R clutch too... Anything to only pay the labour once!
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  32. The clutch has been done aswell. So with that and the upgraded injectors I'm hoping it's just a remap to get to 270-280 bhp (Andy did recommend getting the forged rods if I wanted over 300 bhp.)
  33. Define reasonable? No divorce? Lol
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  34. I'd certainly be looking at an Intercooler if you're still on the standard one and thinking of tracking it...
  35. reasonable is the end product of man maths, divorce would cost a lot more so just make sure the wifey doesn't see the invoice, or at least not the real one:tonguewink:
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  36. That's the general problem, seems to. Anything said with sufficient confidence can seem reasonable but I'd suggest there are far more knowledgable and experienced users on here I'd take the opinion of first, but I bet you've worked that out already.

    gl with the car
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  37. 'users ' is the key word, i'd not take advice from someone that doesn't actually participate in what they are trying to be an expert about.
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  38. Deffo get rods done while the engine is been done. They will always be your limiting factor otherwise. I have every bolt on on my car, forge intercooler and hard pipes, 250 turbo, 630s, induction, 3inch cat back etc. Makes 280 /300 but with the torque capped cos of rods. The guy I got my turbo off made 325bhp from memory on the turbo so if I had strong enough rods I theoretically might make the same.

    Opening the engine is always going to be your biggest expense. Do it once and do it right.
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