Glenn's 275 Trophy #434

Discussion in 'Megane Projects' started by Glenn Doble, Aug 4, 2018.

  1. Bit of background,

    some of you may know me know of me through my Clio 200 Raider #3/50,
    Owned it for over 5 years now, plenty of nice mods on it

    • Carbon Fibre front end kit
    • Scorpion Non Res Decat
    • ITG Maxogen
    • Bilstein Coilovers
    • Alcantara Headling & Steering Wheel
    • Rear ARB

    Link here if you want to see the full thread on it

    Also have a 182 Track Car and S4 Avant Daily

    But now for the Trophy

    Picked the car up on monday from Tom at Divine Automotive in Harrogate, genuine guys and very honest, got the car for a very good price too,

    about the Trophy,

    • #434
    • I.D Arctic White
    • Alcantara Seats & Steering Wheel
    • Akrapovic
    • Ohlin Coilovers
    • Folding Heated Mirrors
    • 19" Speedline Turinis
    • Michelin Pilots Super Sport's
    • EBC Yellow Stuff Pads
    • 26,000 Miles
    Every thing else completely standard,

    List of things to come,

    • New brake calipers, current ones have a snapped bleed nipple and the last owner hasn't been too careful with a punch on the last set, Far cheaper to buy new and sell my old ones than get a refurb,
    • Braided Lines
    • Better Pads
    • Better Brake Fluid
    • Michelin Pilot Super Sports for the rear
    • Private Reg & Clean Plates
    Hopefully Some ore pictures and progress coming soon, new calipers should be here early next week
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  2. Very nice! I love the clio esp in the matte grey wrap. Very nice.

    The trophy is awesome. I have an almost identical car (white 64 plate trophy) just minus the Ohlins unfortunately :worried: Its a great car. Wished mine had the Ohlins though.

    Have you got plans to modify it even further than the brakes/tyres/plates?
  3. Cheers mate, i messaged you a couple of weeks ago about buying yours

    The Clio is actually factory paint, they done a few in matte red and a few in matte grey,

    i fully intend to, but want to get the basics right first, also i will be taking the clio off the road, so it can be stripped and all the underneath power coasted, and they rest of it a good tidy up,

    i will end up going for the rsc kit for the ohlins to get the lowering functionality with them, FMIC Intake, Decat, and mapping,

    Hybrid may be on the cards, but don't really need buckets of power to have fun in these, the clio has taught me that, its about stringing the corners together properly, and up here in the north east we have some of the best driving roads on my door step, so will be just enjoying it for what it is
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  4. Some fleet you’ve built up there Glenn . Looking forward to see what the Meg turns out like
  5. Cheers Jonny, have you still got your meg ?
  6. Aye, still got it Glenn. Nothing else around at the moment that I feel is worth changing it for. Had it around five and a half years now ! Longest time I’ve held on to any car,could do with the front steering bits freshening up now it has 70k on it. Other than that it still puts a smile on my face every time I drive it
  7. Nice collection of cars you have there!

    Very glad to see you found a good Trophy, that one seems perfect!
  8. Awesome, I think yours was one of the reasons why I wanted a meggy, nail on the head, I looked at all sorts of things and after driving the raider for 5 and half years it’s hard to find something that would compare, Megane was the only logical choice that I kept coming back to, there is a lot of hot hatches out there but none of them give off that sense of fun
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  9. Thanks mate,

    Yeah I’m really pleased with it, it has all the toys I wanted
  10. Seen your clio whizzing around Ingleby/stockton area, looks v.good.
    Great collection of cars!

    Hugh- Clio mk3 Silverstone edition
  11. Just recently got more or less same car last month. Actually from the same guy at divine automotive too! Just got back from the ring in it and will be upgrading brakes on mine too as the standard stuff proved not upto the job on track.
  12. Cheers mate

    is yours the one that is normally parked at tesco ?
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  13. he gets a few through, he always seems to have good spec cars in, i have the EBC yellow stuff pads in, (last owner fitted them) and i really don't rate EBC pads, what you thinking of going for, ive aways gone for ferodo DS2500 in my clio 200 and DS1.11 in my 182 track car, but they seem to just eat wheels :/
  14. Yes it is! It's either sparkling or filthy, never inbetween!

    Have you serviced and upgraded the clio yourself, or do you use a local garage?
  15. After some digging i’m going to give the pfc z-rated ones a go they get good reviews for the price point for mix of road and track. Already upgraded to rbf660 fluid which should help
  16. thought it was its the only one i know of in the area,

    i do everything myself, they are so easy to work on really there isn't much to them and im quite handy, but if you are looking for someone for that type of thing, there is Kris from rensport, his unit is down riverside park and hes only from acklam, he knows the cars inside out and can do anything you like, including meg swaps :tonguewink:
  17. yeah i keep hearing of them all over at the minute they seem to have come out of nowhere, but im worried its all just hype,

    id 100% stick to ferodo DS1.11 if i was going to track, the best pad ive ever used on track, impossible to get them to fade,

    i do a lot of spirited driving on the road as we have got some awesome roads up here so need a pad that gives great bite and holds off fade better than most, i might give them a go and see what they are like,

    did you used to own a Dynamique SX back in the day ?
  18. Yeah i think i will give them a try, i’ll let you know my thoughts if and when.

    Yeah i had the clio back in the day, i think i recognise your name of did you have a clio GT originally?
  19. Yeah I’ll wait and see, then again I have new brake calipers here so I may get some and some braided lines and just do a full refresh

    I thought it was you, yeah the GT it’s still going strong that car my dad uses it for a daily when he’s back from off shore
  20. Haha yeah small world. Good to hear the gt is going well my dad had a blue one back when they were first out in 09 always did like them and still look good on the road
  21. New calipers have arrived, protected them with Gtechniquie C5


    Waiting on a 6 piece set of transparent red braided brake lines from Mitch at proline motorsport and a shipment of Motul RBF 660

    Also debadaged the back end, makes it look a lot cleaner, black badges will be coming


    Gave the car a full clay bar treatment, polished then sealed

    Might get the DSLR out tomorrow for some decent pictures if the weather is decent
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  22. Few pictures from a drive out today
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  23. Poppaboost

    Poppaboost RSM Club Member

    Proper moody shots Glenn, car looks spot on.
  24. Car looks fantastic. I have the same lines from Mitch on mine, top quality stuff.
  25. Fitted my new Brembo Calipers with the braided lines and a full motul RBF660 flush, brakes feel great only thing letting it down is the pads, they are alright at the minute as only done a couple of hundred miles of mundane driving, will be changed in the near future

    Up next 2 new Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Tyres for the rear, the car is going into Renault on Thursday for 2 new bottom Arms as there is play in the ball joints and as we know renault replace the full lot not just the ball joints,

    Also will getting two new headlights on Thursday as the previous owner was not very careful when removing them breaking the clips making them rattle like mad when driving at night
  26. Got the car back from renault today after replacing the bottom arms, car feels like it should nice and taught and no knocking

    Also a brand new set of headlights to stop the beams bounching when driving at night


    Replaced the rear reg lights with LED's

    and took some DSLR pictures earlier in the week

    Up next fresh rubber for the rears
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  27. How bad was the knocking? Mine knocks abit at low speeds on bumpy roads, i might get it in to be looked at while warranty is still intact
  28. class photos pal!
  29. it was mainly pulling away and slow speed braking it would knock real bad and i would feel it through my feet, nothing over bumps or turning ect,

    defiantly get it in though might aswell if its under warranty
  30. Cheers Mate :blush:
  31. Who knew Boro could be so photogenic!!!! Top photos Glenn, the one near the Transporter lit up looks spot on
  32. Can't see the car for the smog haha oj. Sweet car buddy, does the facelift version allow headlights and DRLs to run at same time or have you fitted the conversion kit mate.
  33. run at the same time. cant turn the dlrs off.
  34. Drl’s are permanently on, think they dim when the head lights come on
  35. My drls switch off as soon as headlights are turned on
  36. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    All 250s do that unless you fit the kit that keeps them on, or fit the later DRLs like I did [​IMG]
  37. So would it be DRLs off facelift model
  38. Fresh Michelin Pilot Sport 4S on the rear


    Car feels much better with the new tyres, a lot more planted on the rear, less oversteer, which is good when pushing on, makes it a lot more confident on the road

    coming up in the next couple of days, some professional photos done by a friend
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  39. The previous owner had pretty much washed the Akrapovic logo off the carbon exhaust surround go knows how, but i polished the rest of it off today, IPA wipe down and then a new sticker that i had cut myself, don't know how long it will last but looks 100x better than it did before


    Also added a couple of R.S. logos to the mirrors for that little added extra
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