Giacomo RS or Girol Steering Wheel Spacer

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  1. NJH


    Anyone fitted one of these on their Meg?

    I found a couple of postings for them fitted in gen 3 Clio's but google draws a blank for our cars. I think it looks like a something I would really love assuming it works OK.
  2. Doesn't it say Megane Phase 3 at the top of the page?
  3. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

  4. Another bump for this? Anyone fitted one? The steering wheel it a little far for my liking, something like this and the lower seat brackets on an R26 must make a great improvement
  5. -Rick-

    -Rick- RSM Club Member

    I've had it on my Clio 200 rs and along with bucket seats it was really good, but sold the Clio today. The new owner doesn't want the spacer so i will have it spare and try fitting it to my Megane. In the email Girol send me the spacer was for 99% the same as the Clio, only a bit different aluminium?
  6. pm sent
  7. I have just bought one for my R26 and it works perfectly.
  8. Would you mind sharing a photo?

    The reach to the stalks are ok with it?
  9. Another question actually, who did you buy it from and what kind of money? The girol site is poor
  10. I messaged the guy his facebook page:

    It cost EUR 260 including shipping. He's not particularly quick to respond and it took a while to arrive but it is exactly what I wanted. It's a longer reach to the stalks which will take some getting used to but having the steering wheel exactly where I want it makes it a lot more fun to drive.

    I got a 7cm one which is 1cm longer than standard just because it was what he had in stock. The full reach of the standard adjuster is 4.5cm so it's now 2.5cm closer to me fully retracted than it was fully extended. 7cm is probably more than you really want.

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  11. Thanks

    So that looks like he is the Giacomo guy that starter it off on Cliosport

    Clio 2 or 3 model to fit the Megane R26?
  12. No idea. I just told him I had a Mk2 megane, he knew which one I needed.
  13. D_K


    Also been interested in one of these for the 265 for a while , think I may pull the trigger . My only issue is the look of the gap between the back of the wheel and the column cowling doesn't look too nice

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