Getting turbo pipe off?

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  1. I'm fitting ktec blanking plate. The two top bolts don't look too awkward I've got some tools but the bottom one is a horrible one to get to. I can't even see it. I've got bendy extension bits and stuff, I'm guessing I need to take the pipe off the back but I can't move it, all of the ones I've helped mates do have silicon hoses mine original, And it's tough as old boots.

    Any advice? I've undone the top jubilee clip. I can't see one further down though or move it at all. I'm half tempted to remove the sodding air box. This looks like a total ball ache and In all honesty I'm tempted to cut the circ pipe and block both ends up


  2. If you've undone the clip attaching the pipe to the turbo, it should pull off. If it hasn't been taken apart for a while, it might just need a good tug.
  3. Is it easy to get back on with the air box still there though? Seems awkward as all hell. I'll give it a bash
  4. No idea, mine didn't have the air box fitted when I bought it.
  5. always worth give it a push back on, this expands the rubber and breaks the seal
  6. So I seriously can't move this stupid pipe. How do people make this look so easy. I'm just gonna have to take the air box out.
  7. How the hell you move this thing? Someone holding on to it? I've stood on the car and pulled it won't move at all. I always seem to get the cars with stuff that doesn't move.

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  8. It's done... That was the worst experience on working on a car in my life. Needlessly awkward. Don't think it was worth it.... Oh wait no it sounds damn nice.
  9. I hope you don't ever have to change the turbo :mask: absolutely disgusting job!

  10. what are you on about, there easy to work on :rage:
    My thoughts on taking the turbo, head, or anything like that off, is pull the engine out :laughing::laughing:
  11. I'll be honest basic maintenance stuff is way easier than the clio was. Air filter/sparkies/oil change and so on. Although getting to oil filters fun.

    The exhaust change doesn't look to sad. But I've just never had such trouble getting things off and out of the way. Probably just my car. I always get the cars with crap so tight I can't move it .

    Tbh from want I could see turbo change would just involve dogmounts and mounts off and tilt engine forward. Quite easy as turbos go. Then again might be wronh
  12. Basics apart from the oil filter is easy.

    on a mk2 you have to take the rear bumper off, mk3 you don't, but getting a standard system off is a bit of a shit, its in one piece so it will have to be cut or drop the rear :cry::cry:

    good luck then getting the turbo off then :laughing::laughing:, i lost the skin off of most of my knuckles, let alone getting to the heat guards off, if you still have the cat then thats another ball ache.

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