gearbox removing on MRS3

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  1. Guys,
    I´m currently struggling with my clutch hydraulic. Looks like a problem with the lining. But anyway, I thought about the situation if I would have to remove the gearbox if the slave cylinder would be broken.

    To remove the gearbox on a drive -on pit ( I have no car lift) - how would you go on? Is it required to remove the big carrier underneath to get the box out ( I´m afraid so..) How have I to fix the engine, it will tilt to the right. I guess the front left suspension has to be removed as well...right? Removing the exhaust? Thanks for sharing your experiences
  2. I'm sure I have seen something on the forum about "how to remove gearbox"
    Watch out, sometimes is only the clutch damper leaking and in that case it's a cheap and easy fix.

    If the gearbox needs to come off it's a whole subframe off job but not a big deal if you know how to. Exhaust can stay in place as the engine.

    There's a video on YouTube with a guy doing it on car stand and using a jack, I've done mine a bit differently but each on their own. At least the video gives you an idea.

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