250 Gearbox and hydraulic fluid leak help

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  1. I'm hoping that someone on here can help me out. I've got two leaks that I'm trying to sort. The first one is from part of the gear linkage at the top of the gearbox. Has anyone ever seen a leak here before? I don't think it can be adjusted. Is there a replaceable seal at all??


    The next one is coming from some sort of pressure vent on a line coming from the gearbox and then joining another line from the brake reservoir, and brake fluid is dropping out. Does anyone have any experience of this vent??


    If anyone could help me out with this, that would be great

  2. That looks like the pipe from the slave cylinder. You'll need to replace that our you'll lose your clutch pedal. As for the other leak, doesn't look bad at all. Just a slight misting. I wouldn't worry
  3. Thanks! How do I go about replacing that pipe though? I've never bled the system like that before. Can I just remove and refit that pipe and then is there a specific point I bleed it at??

    And a reasonable amount of gearbox fluid did come out from past that selector, I would like to do something about it if I can. The only thing I am thinking is that the gearbox fluid may have been slightly overfilled in the past which could have caused that?
  4. And it's leaking out at that circular vent thing, I haven't look at it yet so it could just be loose or something??
  5. It turns out it is the slave cylinder pipe. I'm hoping I can fix it or it's going to be a nasty job replacing that pipe and bleeding the system.

    Anyone had any experience of this before?
  6. Replacing the pipe shouldn't be that hard, any decent garage can do it, bleeding it took me ages, ended up buying a 150ml syringe and reverse bleeding it but an oil squirter should do just fine
  7. Yeah I can replace the pipe fine, never bled a slave cylinder though so have spoken to a mobile mechanic who will pop out to help me out. I'll learn how to do it when he does it.

    So have you replaced this pipe before? It's a strange pipe and I can't work out why it's leaking. I can't help but feel like that attachment is there for a reason and another problem is causing it to leak?

    What do people think about the gearbox leak?
  8. Ovy


    I have a weap on my gearbox around by the n/s driveshaft from underneath the car, there is no fluid at all that drips out just a small amount on the undertray, mine could poss be the same as yours dripping down around the driveshaft after looking at your pic.
    I have since replaced the gearbox oil and it hadn't lost a lot at all so I just live with it but just check the gear oil via the plastic plug more often now.
    as its high up in the box I don't think it will loose enough to be overly worried, and gear changes normaly become notchy and or slightly more noisy when gear oil is low so you would sort of know if it needed oil.
  9. Yeah I also have a slight weap from the N/S driveshaft oil seal which I'm replacing as well. This car just leaks from every orifice!
  10. Ovy


    Lol it must just be a French build thing.
  11. Funny my 250 has the exact same leak atm. Just discovered the other day when changing my timing belt and dephaser pulley.. Clutch pipe had to be put on back order from Renault and will take up to 5 days to come in:worried:

    Getting withdrawals from driving it..
  12. Hey guys! New to the forum. I'm having the same issue as the original poster with the leak from the gear selector on the side of the gearbox. Did
    Did you end up figuring out what the gearbox leak was? I'm having the exact same issue but can't find anything about it.
  13. the weeping gear selector lever is a proper quadrium to decide what do:

    1 - remove gearbox, open and replace weeping seal and while open should also replace any worn gears, selectors and bearings especially the driveshaft bearing and while box is out would be silly not replace clutch and DMF
    cost: roughly £1400

    2: fit replacement gearbox complete roughly £700 plus clutch and DMF £550 total £1250

    whichever way its awful expensive weeping £3 rubber seal
  14. I appreciate the response.

    That's crazy for something so cheap. I cleaned it up and will check it in a week or two, see how badly/quickly it is leaking. I haven't noticed it before, only caught it as I changed the coolant. It's only got 90,000km/55900 miles on the clock, so don't really wanna go opening up the gearbox just yet. I might rig something up around it to just catch the excess oil and minimise the dirt that gets in there and keep a close eye on the gearbox oil level.

    I've also got a very light VVT solenoid oil leak and a light sump gasket oil leak too. Haha. Bloody Renault's. It's a love-hate relationship.
  15. The VVT you can replace the seal but as say just keep eye on others
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  16. I'll write back on here on how it turns out. Cheers.

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