GAZ Gold Coilovers for RS Mk3

Discussion in 'Megane Discussion' started by mangino, May 16, 2019.

  1. Just picked up these from Matt at Supreme Motorsport. A recent development apparently, based on the popular Clio version. Decent price point compared to some of the higher end F/R coilover sets available. Adjustable top mounts included. I went for 550 Front/ 350 rear springs to start, good for fast road/ track. Car doesn't get used much on the road, but still have to drive it to the track. Will have them professionally set up and corner weighted then see whats cracking. Need to loose that gap under the arches.

    IMG_6335.jpg IMG_6338.jpg IMG_6337.jpg IMG_6336.jpg IMG_6335.jpg IMG_6338.jpg IMG_6337.jpg IMG_6336.jpg Spa2edied.jpeg
  2. Are they fitted yet ? :smiley:

    Are you cutting the front strut top out so you can adjust on the car ?
  3. No not fitted yet. Good question... Will have to ask then guy who's helping me fit them. Ive not fitted Coilovers to Renault before, so its all new to me. Really looking forward to getting them on though.
  4. Keep us informed we are thinking of using the same

    Decision is whether to cut the top or not

    When are you fitting ?
  5. What are you doing regarding rear shocker bottom bolts ? I believe I've seen somewhere that the one in the original shocker can't be re-used

    How low are you intending to run ? Are you fitting a driveshaft spacer ?
  6. You’ll need to cut and widen top mount opening otherwise not be able adjust camber
  7. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Nice, but definitely not a recent development, MK3 Gaz kits have been available for years
  8. The kit I have is a new development, it includes the rear adjustable "one piece" coilover
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  9. Not yet... It's possible I may change the car. I have a LUX edition and tempted to change to one without the glass roof before getting carried away with mods.
  10. @mangino can you give me some idea of cost on these ?
  11. I would love to hear some feedback on these if anyone has fitted them and how you found them for road/track use.
  12. interesting to see you get on with them!
    Know Matt well so if anyone has anything they need give supreme motorsport a shout!

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