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  1. Hi All,

    I live in the Midlands. I'm looking for recommendations for a specialist that is able to do custom work, mapping and that isn't KTEC. Prefer around Midlands due to transportation constraints.

    I know most will recommend KTEC but this is just a back-up as KTEC are very busy with a diary very long in the distance and i may need work doing sooner rather than later. But prefer to keep it to a specialist.

  2. Ktec are in the south anyway, I’d go mark black at Midlands Renault specialist.
  3. Ok. 2nd person to recommend them.

    FYI Ktec have a branch in the midlands now and its awesome, not faulting them, just really busy and having a "backup" is always good.

  4. Didn’t know that, where’s their midlands branch?
  5. Four Ashes near Wolverhampton
  6. Nick

    Nick RSM Moderator

    Ktec West Midlands, 48 Planetary Rd, Willenhall WV13 3XB

    Floyd, who used to work at Four Ashes has now looks after Ktec west mids, he's been there nearly 12 months
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  7. Yeah as Nick states above, just over a year. Just mega busy - which is understandable as its just Floyd. Nice set up. Room for several cars. Just a case of he's massively busy.
  8. Nick

    Nick RSM Moderator

    There's always Dan at RSS in Lichfield

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