250 Fuel line vulnerability

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  1. After a couple of reports of fuel lines in and out of the mid body fuel filter becoming fractured from tiny stones flying off rear wheel (and I can see exactly why) I've taken the unusual steps of lagging the vulnerable fuel lines. Used bit of that split plastic cable management stuff which fitted perfectly around the lines and offers great protection.
    fuel2a.jpg fuel1a.jpg
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  2. matt e

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    what are the fuel lines made of? isn't there a bigger chance of water getting in the conduit and rusting the lines now?
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  3. lines are plastic hence their vulnerability to pesky sharp stones plus lagging is open at top just surrounds ¾ of fuel line
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  4. Does anyone bother changing the fuel filter. Its in an easy location to swap and i don nott see no mention of swapping it anywhere in the service schedules
  5. .....and now getting reports of these same fuel lines rupturing after years of movement against nearby steel brake lines

    on inspection ive noted at least three points my fuel lines rub against either the brake lines or chassis fuel1.JPG fuel2.JPG and have extended the stone chip protection to cover these as well (before and after foto)
  6. Dont suppose you remember how many mm the sheeth is do you? Want to do it on the mrs car as a prevention
  7. No idea, was off-cut laying around house, at guess 12 or 14mm

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