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  1. Greetings one and all. Fuel economy is the issue here, all input would be well received. The car in question is an 07 R26 with the following relevant engine mods......
    630 injectors
    mk 3 turbo
    Single mass flywheel
    Uprated clutch
    Induction kit
    Airtec 95 mm core intercooler
    Rs Tuning map 302hp, 303 lb/ft.

    No matter how gently I drive it I am not getting any better than around 20-22 mpg. If I kick the nuts out of it.........then considerably less.
    Does this sound about right?

    Many thanks guys,


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  2. That doesn't sound right.

    Mine is forged running 310hp and 360 torques, all the same as yours but running a 70mm Airtec and an EFI map, cruising at 80-90mph i get 29-30mpg, drops a bit on track best I've seen (or worse) is 10.3mpg around Spa, Brands GP was 11.8mpg average for the day.
  3. I used to get 25 ish ave on basically same spec to that and rs tuning map.
  4. My R26 with R26R SMF/clutch, Airtec intercooler, cone filter behind headlamp gets about 22 mpg even if I drive normally. I intend to get some 630 injectors and remap in case it might be running a bit rich with current map 265 bp.

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