Front splitter decal 2016 Megane 3 Trophy 275 non "R"

Discussion in 'Exterior & Bodywork' started by oldschoolracer, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. Guys, does anybody know what stock front splitter decal "Trophy" was on the splitter of the 2016 Megane Trophy ( not Trophy-R)? When I bought my car there wasn´t any on, I found on the bay one which is supposed to be from 2012 (before Facelift with 265 HP) which looks a bit more cryptic. My splitter is black, so a black writing wouldn´t make sense ….and the Trophy-R had an red painted splitter with black writing. Now I have a decal of Clio 4 RS, looks not that original...probably somebody has a picture from 2016 Trophy non R who can show it. Want to check out if Renault may supply the original one.
  2. Renault no doubt will supply one but it will likely be a fortune! Mate needed a new one on his trophy r after a badger based interface and Renault wanted over £300 for it:fearscream:
  3. Ok, 300 P was exactly I would be prepared to pay , dear God….Would at least like to know how it Looks....
  4. Where are you based?

    I thought trophy 275 was 2014 or 2015 and they all seemed to come with silver front splitter with black writing.

    I have a cup s and rod were doing the front splitter decal for that for about £10. I almost bought one as a spare.
  5. Hi NotaDiesel, I´m based in Germany. To my information, my car is Febr. 2016, it`s re-importet from Poland at least what my renault dealer told me. It may be one of the last Megane 3 RS, supposedly the Megane 4 came in 2017, but in the meantime, there was no RS available. The car is definitly a Trophy, with LSD, Trophy suspension and Recaro adjustable sport seats. It features the big R-Link. Maybe the exterior is a bit different to the french /german Trophys. My front splitter lip is black, so I would like a red or silver decal.

    What do you mean with "rod"? It´s a shop? Can you forward a link or something? Thanks a lot
  6. In the UK we got a final run of cup-s cars. These were built until mid 2016. They were cheaper than the trophy but could be optioned back up.

    Rpd. (The auto correcf changed it) is renault parts direct. They are on this site and are pretty good value for mail order parts. they have an enquiry option if you Wang then to source a specific partvnit listed.

    I think you will struggle to get anything other than black. As i said the UK cars were black sticker on silver lip. Irrespective of car colour. If you could pick one of those up cheap in black you may be able to buy and use as a template for someone to make you a custom sticker.
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  7. Thanks for the info. BTW, whats text is written on your UK splitters at all? Is it looking like the red MRS3 on the headline of the forum?
  8. Yes my CUP-S is capital letters with white for cup and red for the 's' with the - being a little Union Jack flag as its a uk only model as on the red mk3 rs as you said on top of forum.

    But uk also had trophy and trophy-r. Not sure what other markets had. Australia definatly had trophy-r also.

    There are plenty of pictures of uk cars on forum. Or uk car magazine websites like autocar or evo feature all the models.
  9. If you just wanted a cheap way of getting a sticker and not fussed about branding as a trophy get a cup-s sticker for £10. Would make unique in your market. You could loose the union Jack dash or the s and just put 'cup'.

    As all cars effectively had cup suspension unless ohlins fitted. So you would not be lying.
  10. I have the silver blade on my trophy and needed a new sticker. Loads of sellers on eBay doing them. You can’t tell mine isn’t original unless you see one next to it as the OEM sticker is raised whereas mine is just a vinyl sticker.
  11. Something like this??

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