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  1. Hi all, I am currently looking at getting new brake pads and discs for my megane 275 trophy I see there is 2 different types of discs , plain and grooved. Has anyone had both on there megane and what would be best the option ? Car will maybe be used for trackdays in the future ? Thanks IMG-20230507-WA0006.jpg
  2. Ive always used Plain disks, with either Winmax W5 or DS 1.11 on road and track, and never had any problems.
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  3. Thank you for reply. I ordered the cup version. Thanks. I will go for pagid rsl29 pads as my mate has them in his 265 and they have been fab on track.
  4. Plain discs are fine for road use, I've used both pain and grooved on track, grooved are slightly better and i used Carbon Lorraine RC8's for both track and road, my car was only really a track car.
    If you buy grooved i found that taking the leading edge of the grooves with a Dremel type tool made the pads last longer.
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  5. Yeah mate I have brembo high carbon on my 197 and had carbon Lorraine rc5 pads the pad face cracked after 1 trackday at croft. Although I though the pads were excellent up to that point. Good pointer with the discs. Thanks
  6. Can vouch very well for Endless ME20 pads if using on track, they took 12 laps of the ring in their stride this weekend, never once did it feel like i was losing them, and in very hot conditions. Very loud when just going slow but I can live with that!

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