250 Front Bumper Splitter Going White

Discussion in 'Exterior & Bodywork' started by jamesmeg, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. The plastic rubber material of the front bumper splitter is really aging badly. It's almost like a very light grey. Is there any way to bring this back to black and a way to maintain the blackness of this plastic?
  2. Many years ago I had a corsa......yes I know...... Its arches used to go badly grey. I used a product called "back to black" That would work for a few months, then you would need to reapply.
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    Use plastikote, everything else is just a short term solution
  4. IMG_20180922_154502.jpg Buy a new one

  5. I had an old Corsa B too.. I used a blow torch and the heat would blacken everything up. It still stuns me to this day how perfectly it worked lol.
  6. Not to say it would work on the splitter.. maybe stick to the black to black stuff.
  7. Ha ha thats funny. Mine was a 1.2 Corsa Swing.......I hated that car!
  8. I had one of those too, in faded red! Proper rot box but good enough as a first car when I was 17!
  9. The detailing brand carbon collective have something they say lasts for 12 months, haven't tried it but know that their brand is quite premium
  10. It'll be a ceramic coating for plastic trim, like Gtechniq C4, there's quite a few around. The only thing is that prep is vital for these coatings to work properly. A good scrub with all purpose cleaner and a soft brush, dry then a going-over with IPA/Panel Wipe should do the trick. I put Gtechniq C4 on mine a while back and it looks decent and should last a good while.
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