Front Bumper RS Badge

Discussion in 'Exterior & Bodywork' started by MorganJames, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. MorganJames

    MorganJames RSM Club Member

    Anyone got a front bumper RS badge spare and willing to sell? When i bought the car in April it didnt have one and its gradually annoyed me every time i look at it haha. Standard 250 badge is required (not face lift)
  2. You spend to much time staring at the your grill lol
  3. MorganJames

    MorganJames RSM Club Member

    I forgot about it for a few weeks, then marked next to one at a services near Northampton and it made me realize how much better it looks haha.
  4. MorganJames

    MorganJames RSM Club Member

  5. Travisteel

    Travisteel RSM Club Member

    You can get them new off eBay but costs about £45, depends if it's worth that to you. Otherwise you can always try ringing RPD and see what they charge for it but probably won't be much different.
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  6. I have one which I intend painting what's it worth too you
  7. MorganJames

    MorganJames RSM Club Member

    cheers, for some reason i didnt even think of eBay. Going to give RPD a call and see if they can grab me one as i need some other stuff from their website!
  8. MorganJames

    MorganJames RSM Club Member

    Well from the looks of eBay its around £45 so. Going to try RPD as above, need to order some oil and bits so see if they can supply! Thank you for the offer though.
  9. I may have one of these in my spares. Can check later once home from work.
  10. Charlie Howard

    Charlie Howard RSM Club Member

    I think Matthew Hayword on Facebook makes custom ones still, I got a yellow one from there. Or I think Custom Pedals are making LED ones
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