250 Front bumper grill and headlights

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  1. Hi guys i have a 250 megane rs. I want to change the front bumper, grill and headlights from the megane 275. Can i just add the parts, are they compatible or i i can't put them on my car. Does anyone did this before. Thank you guys. These are the pictures mine is with the plate number.
    IMG_20190929_140954.jpg IMG_20190929_141357.jpg
  2. Hi,
    Check out the megane guru Matt West's posts ( Odinson ) who has recently done this.
    Sadly on a megane break at the moment.
  3. Can you please send me the link of the post. I can't find it thanks.
  4. They are 'compatible' in the sense that you can fit them no problem, but you will need all the following things to do the conversion to the facelift:

    Front bumper
    Front bumper "blade"
    Front grille (top) + Renault badge
    Front grille (bottom)
    Headlight left
    Headlight right
    Headlight bracket left
    Headlight bracket right
    Black plastic trim under headlights (set)
    DRL left
    DRL right
    Wiring loom for the DRLs

    You can cut the cost by sourcing used parts, but it's still going to be quite a big job.
  5. Thank you guys. Changed my mind.
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