R26 Front brake ducting

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  1. I’ve asked about this before on here (and now on Meganesport.net) but now I’m just asking does anyone know anyone who can do this? Not looking for advice on how to do it - someone or a garage that will actually do it and for money.
    I am shit at all things mechanical/techy so won’t even attempt it.
    It’s the front fog delete with tubing to the brakes for cooling.
    I’m looking for a cheapish longterm fix for my brakes overheating without having to upgrade pads/disks.
    Purlease help a brother out!!!!!
  2. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    alex white who commented on your fb post, he would do it, he used to work at engine dynamics before they stopped the workshop services, he fitted my dampers and springs for me.
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  3. Nice one Matt. Spoken to him and getting it sorted.
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  4. Eddie
    Just do an upgrade to a mk3 setup, never had any brake problems with mine, as long as you use them properly and use good pads.
  5. Just he says. Think you missed the word “cheapish” in my post. I’ve got all the tubing etc. I’ve found someone that can do it ;-)
  6. as long as you dont mind holes cut in your wheel arch liners,
    and cable tied pipes to the hubs, that is.
    to do it without cutting holes in things is a tricky job.
  7. I’d say almost impossible no ;-)
  8. The issue cambelt side is getting the ducting to the caliper (if you wanted it to reach that far).

    There's not enough clearance between the wheel on full lock and the pulleys.

    You can only go as far as the arch liners really.
  9. It can be done to bring the pipes right to the back of the disks,as i have done it.
    But its a very involved job.
    As you say,its to tight to the bottom pulley to bring pipes in that way safely.
    Mine go under the car,past the sump,then through the gap where the driveshafts and steering rack is.
    Its very tight,and the pipes have to be in precise locations to give clearance for the driveshafts.

    The pipes also have to be able to flex with the swivel hubs at full lock,
    and are kept is place behind the discs with alloy tubing,clamped to the strut, with rubber lined munson clamps.

    A lot of work..but they do keep the pedal stiff and judder free, even when hammering the brakes.
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  10. pipework just visible through the lower grill.
  11. [​IMG]

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  12. Nice work!

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