Forging my F4rt Meg 225 2006

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  1. Who do you guys recommend for doing this? Any idea on cost? Would 2k cover it?
    Thanks for any pointers.
  2. For parts yes, built by a garage I doubt it more like 3-4K I suspect
  3. Hmm..a lot of money then. But, it future proofs the car and running 315 ft/lbs currently on standard internals is like playing Russian roulette...but much better fun! Cheers for the info.
  4. Engine dynamics?

    Looking on their site, if you can deliver the engine they'll do it for 3k.
  5. Yeah, good company. They sold me my single mass flywheel earlier in the year. Very pleased with the quality and weight ( or lack of rather). Will give them a buzz tomorrow. Cheers.
  6. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    cheaper just to buy a replacement if yours ever goes bang
  7. Or buy a 250 meg engine and throw that in :laughing::laughing:
  8. What kind of lunatic would go to that length :fearscream::tearsofjoy::tonguewink:
  9. They seem to be going for a couple of grand anyway!

    For not much more £ you'll be getting a freshly rebuilt, fully forged unit. Surely that would be more capable than the 250 engine?

    Having said that, I'm not sure if the fuel system is more effecient on the 250?
  10. It's going to be a couple of grand for the parts alone, great if you can do the work yourself, if not then that's going to be another wedge on top.
    yes a forged unit will be "more capable" but most will only go to about 350-375hp, after that it gets very expensive.
    The 250 engine is supposed to be good for 400/400 but there seems to be few tuners lowering that figure now.

    The fuel system on the 250/265/275 is better as it is a raising rate system, fairly easy to upgrade the 225/r26.
  11. Bit of a tough one really.

    I'm in two minds about what to do with mine.

    Realistically, to turn it into what I want, you're talking £7k+. Is it worth it on such a beat up old car? As much fun as it would be, I know it makes no sense economically!

    I see someone (Jamie) has his mk3 for sale for similar money it'll cost to do what I want to my mk2, it's seriously tempting to say the least!
  12. It's a thorny problem. I love my 225 and have spent a few grand on it getting it sorted power/braking and suspension set up wise. My map gives me 285bhp/315ft/lbs. It's had every bush changed, lowered, brakes and hoses done, rubber, wheels, smf, RTS clutch pate and short shifter ....I better stop now! It's good for a true 5 seconds and 155mph, but I am worried about the internals. Do i stop or do i forge and then go for big fmc, fuel rail, injectors, hybrid turbo?? I mean, how much quicker can it get with the additional expenditure.

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  13. just doesnt need any more power.
    You would have to be driving like a utter loon to get past my R26 with a similar set up.
    The way it is at the moment,its a balanced package.
    Still amazes me that i can put 300lb/ft down with zero torque steer or wheelspin.Which basicaslly means,i can use all the power,all the time.
    As a point to point car..i think you would need to spend 40k to be going any faster.
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  14. Having just done my first track day in the meg, I can honestly say that at no point was i really needing more power.

    I think I'll be keeping my 225 and get the handling sorted, even the brakes showed no sign of letting me down, but if it had an extra xxbhp, there may be trouble!

    I have no idea what mine is putting out at the minute, but I'll probably go for a 250 turbo (pretty sure my oil burning issues are from the turbo), 630cc injectors, exhaust & fmic already on and the mapping. I'd be more than happy with a well tuned 280bhp that'll hold its boost higher in the rpm!

    Is it worth spending £k's for a slightly higher bhp number?
  15. Will also be worth upgrading the fuel pump and the fuel pressure relief valve if you are fitting 630 injectors, a 250 fuel rail would be worth fitting if you can find one
  16. For a decent set of rods, Pistons and +625 rod bolts you won't see any change from £1500 then you have gaskets, bearings etc etc parts alone you will be at least 2.5k for a bottom end build plus Labour. Then you have an engine capable of more power and boost but then your gearbox and shafts become consumables. Been there with other cars either do the lot or stay within the capabilities of the standard engine and box.
  17. sound advice.I know so many people with highly tuned cars that spend more time being taken apart,than driven.
    In the end,it just becomes a chore to own the car.

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