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  1. Selling up the following parts I’ve acquired to build a forged engine, all parts are new, boxed/bagged and either genuine Renault or as stated. Can do a full package or individual parts. I’ll list it as a full package at £3500 but will be willing to split and price accordingly if enough interest.
    Everything there to build a high power mk3 engine. Just needs bolting together. If seriously interested, please message me and I’ll dig it all out the garage and picture everything. Collection required from Fareham, Hampshire for the full kit. If individuals parts, can sort postage.

    Here’s a list of what is included

    new parts

    Wossner Piston kit 82.7mm

    Cat Cam Forged Rods

    Cat cam Valve springs

    ARP rod bolt set

    ACL Big end bearings

    ACL Main bearings

    Supertech valve set, inlet and exhaust

    Head Bolt set

    Thrust washers

    INA Hydraulic lifters (16)

    Full gasket set (head and block)

    Timing belt kit

    De-phaser pulley

    Crank timing pulley

    Crank cover (belt end)

    Oil pump

    Oil spray jets x 4

    Engine sealant

    Pilot bearing

    Oil pump chain and sprocket kit

    Mk3 used/machined engine parts

    Machined block for supplied pistons, (measured, honed and decked)

    Machined head ( pressure tested and skimmed)

    Machined crank (polished)

    Cams (no work carried out)

    Inlet manifold & T/B

    Sump & windage tray
  3. Hi Chris are these parts still for sale?
  4. Yes mate
  5. Engine’s being pulled on my 275 Cup next week, can you give me your number so I can get back to once I know how much carnage has happened?
  6. How did the carnage happen?
  7. hydroloked driving through about 3 inches of water and a really low ITG intake, at least 2 conrods bent, I’ll be putting a K tech induction on as I mainly use it on road
  8. Fingers crossed the carnage isn't too bad!

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