Ford Focus RS MK2

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  1. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    Thought I would post up a couple of photos of my recently sold RS, as you may have read in my project thread I have been building another 225 engine and going back to the R26, for many reasons!

    Anyway I feel slightly cheeky posting up a couple of photos as I have now sold the car, but thought some of you guys may appreciate it and possibly also the photo location too :sunglasses:

    Anyway a quick rundown on the car and spec;

    MK2 RS Focus obvioisly in optical migraine green.
    Had a package from Collims performance or CP as its known in the Ford world.

    CP420 kit, running 650cc injectors, airtec intercooler, uprated fuel pump, mongoose section 59 turbo back, K&N full induction kit and air box, forge blow off amd a couple of other bits and bobs.

    Couple of other mods, Eibach springs and other visuals.

    If I can figure out a way to / anyone knows a way to post a video I can chuck a few up if anybody wants to hear the 5 banger roar :laughing:

    As for the photo location - if anybody wants it just drop me a pm :blush:









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  2. Well done mate, that looks awesome. Like these a lot.
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  3. Looks good, I bought a new one in 2010. Loved it with it's kms exhaust, mine was revo stage4. Wish the meganes sounded better but the handling makes up for it.
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  4. 5 pots make an awesome sound. Sadly no 4 cylinder will ever compete. In fact better than most 6 cylinders IMO.
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  5. Lovely! A friend has a white one tucked away with a similar spec with 9K on the clock. This is my preferred upgrade wagon from my Megane. Sadly though my pockets are no way deep enough.
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  6. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    Thanks guys, I always thought the 5 sounded better than 6 cylinders, but all personal opinion :blush:

    I went from a R26 with 270hp to this beast with just over 420hp, and I still missed the megane, it completely out performed the focus other than in a straight line!

    So im going back to the R26, except this time with hopefully around the same power the focus had :sweatsmile:

    Would definitely advise your friend keeps that on 9k! I think they are already going up in price and it doesnt seem to be stopping!
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  7. I had a Performance Blue Mk2 RS before my megane RS250.... it was revo stage 2(+?) and I loved it. It had every option, and although it is a flawed car (what car isnt?) I loved it massively.

    Had to sell it to fund a house renovation, but by moving to the megane, it did make me realise it had quite a few handling shortfalls.... could be a bit understeery.

    Still would have it back though! lol
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  8. Nice!

    Did you ever have it dyno'd else where? I know a guy who had the CP400 or 420 (can't remember) and it wasn't as quick as the Revo equivalent. Turns out it was more like 360-370 ish!
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  9. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Revo stuff is terrible anyway, CP seem to have the better maps but I've also seen them not make what the numbers suggest they should
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  10. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    That could be down to where they measured the power at, wheel or flywheel. When they give you a flywheel figure it is litterally a wheel power run with a percentage added on for what they assume the drivetrain is loosing. Seen alot of disapointed people from dyno results :tearsofjoy: I didnt have it re-dyno'd, I had another Mk2 RS around 3 years ago that was completely stock and this second one was considerably more powerful, had a couple of pulls with quite a few different cars, BMW M4 & M3s, RS4, Mk3 RS etc, it pulled away from all of those so was more than happy with that, none were instigated by me I promise :sweatsmile:
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  11. I think your natural next step has to be the RS3 for more 5 pot madness.
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  12. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    Wouldnt mind one to be honest but Im sticking with the R26 for now, building the engine at the moment check out the thread in megane projects!

    Should have got a RS T5 lump for the megane :sunglasses:
  13. Will do buddy.
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  14. Still the best looking hot hath for me! Sound is mega - in standard form they are not quick at all but sure that is!!!
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  15. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    Put a video up, not the best video skills but it got the sound fairly well.

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  16. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    They sure do turn heads no matter where you go, for better or worse :tearsofjoy: they have their handling issues but still a great car to drive.
  17. Sure is! My mate had a performance blue one totally standard and the sound was soooo much better than my 250! Looks million times better!

    I don’t know how I think of the mk3 looks?!
  18. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    Im not sure about the MK3 either, but they do drive well, took one out a few months ago at Ford, did handle quite well, think the guy there was looking for any excuse for us to go out in it so I obliged :laughing: did upset him though when I told him my MK2 made the MK3 feel like I wasnt moving :sleeping:
    Was put off in the end by the reliability issues everyone seems to be having with the ecoboost engines! Couple of my friend have first hand experience :tearsofjoy:

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