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Discussion in 'Other Projects' started by Eder, Apr 11, 2020.

  1. Hello everybody! I'm back!
    Just to refresh: my name is Eder and I am from Brazil, state of Sao Paulo.
    I'm glad to find this forum and start exchanging experiences, mods and doubts. Thank you.

    Here it goes the details of my loved car.
    It's a Fluence GT 2013/2014, solid white. It is a sports sedan manufactured in Argentina from 2012 until 2014 in this version, also available in ph2 with a facelift from 2014 to 2018 I think. It uses the F4Rt engine (Tce180 designation) and Pk4-017 manual gearbox.

    Mine is with some mods:

    Sport air filter InFlow
    Downpipe 3" inox
    Full exhaust 2.5" inox
    Properfekt Diverter valve from Polland
    Eibach springs

    With this setup, it is making around 330 Nm (34 kgfm) of torque and 150 kW (200hp)

    Hope all this situation with the COVID-19 ends soon, so I can remap the ECU
    Target is 180 kW - 240hp (210whp) and 38 kgfm (370 Nm) to máx 40 kgfm (390 Nm)

    Here are some pics:
    3" downpipe & 2.5" exhaust
    IMG-20190725-WA0090.jpg IMG-20190617-WA0089.jpg Foto de Eder Bueno (4).jpg Foto de Eder Bueno (3).jpg Foto de Eder Bueno (2).jpg Foto de Eder Bueno (1).jpg Foto de Eder Bueno.jpg Detail lateral 1.jpg Detail Club.jpg

    Friends meeting in the city 20200404_175452.jpg 20200404_172541.jpg

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  2. manugtt

    manugtt RSM Club Member

    Wellcome Brazil man! What about covid over there? One curiosity, in Basque Country language, where I am, your name means "pretty", like your Fluence:wink:
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  3. Welcome to the forum, enjoy and share your ideias :grinning::grinning:
    É sempre bom ter alguém que fala a mesma língua :wink:
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  4. Thank you @manugtt . Covid is under control as far as I know, not spreading so fast or making crescent huge numbers of deaths, thank God! But we are afraid of the economic aftermath if I can say this way.
    Yes, Bueno is "good" as translation, like the Fluence GT, a special version so great to drive!
  5. Obrigado, claro, vamos dividir experiencias! Você mora no Brasil ou está na Europa?
  6. Welcome here, cool to see stuff being done on a different platform!

    With the mods you have you won’t get much higher then that. Tuned various GT’s, they max out around 205bhp.

    Biggest culprit being the turbo. Add a Megane 2 or 3RS turbo and it will have alot more potential!
  7. Yes, you`re right @tutuur . The turbo is small. But I intend to upgrade to a bigger one in the future! Also want brake kit upgrade so can have a safer toy too!

    I understood you worked on some maps for this engine/platform...how was it?

  8. I’m a Renault dedicated tuner by trade. And yes, I’ve tuned my Megane GT180, which has the same engine and probably ecu software aswell.

    That’s why I suggested you upgrade the turbo as that’s it’s biggest downfall!
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  9. Welcome ! I thought that the Fluence GT wasnt available in Brazil! I´m from Argentina, here we also have the GT2 that it think it has slightly more power, the first fluences GT had 180hp, the gt2 i think about 200. Almost the same engine as the megane but with slight changes in pistons, smaller turbo, etc.
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  10. Good to see an international flavour going on here.
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  11. Great to know you have or had a Megane GT with the TCe180 engine!
    Do you have pictures? Tell more about that experience.

    Yes, the turbo is small, we have a club in Brasil and many friends are using hybrid turbos or the oem turbo from Megane 3RS 265. Some are with 14T from Megane 2RS, some with 15T and others with 16T and 19T. The potential is huge!
  12. Yes, we have the ph1 GT here, unfortunatelly the ph2 did'nt come.
    Yes, the GT2 has a little more power, traction control less invasive, front brake discs with 290mm instead of 280mm, and tha beautiful facelift, among other differences.
  13. Thank you @Stock265cup !
  14. Eu sou de Portugal,mas neste momento estou na Alemanha!
    O Brasil tem muitas sugestões para a malta, info não falta!
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  15. Very nice!
    A stock turbo is small for sure, but not so small.
    It can give enough boost for the goal you have.
    My experience of 10T is
    2400-4000 1.4bar
    5000 1.0bar
    5850 0.8bar
    It's quite good. 20200423_194910.jpg 20200423_195012.jpg
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