225 Fitting bucket seats into an R26

Discussion in 'Electrical & Interior - Security, ICE, Wiring Loom' started by Si271, Oct 20, 2019.

  1. I bought a Sparco seat months ago, along with seat base, side mount and slider. Thinking about fitting it myself, I'm just a little unsure of the electrics side of the install.
    Does anyone have a comprehensive guide relating to this, if so I'd be extremely grateful.

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  2. Did you get these in?

    All my cables are soldered together under the seats, but not sure what needs to.be kept if I fit bucket seats?
  3. The only electrics are pretensioners, airbags and maybe seat heating.
    If you keep the OE pretensioners your fine
    The airbags can be bypassed with a resistor, or disabled with CLIP.
  4. Still haven't fitted it yet mate!

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  5. I'd love to install bucket seats and keep the OE pretensioners. What are the options for mounting them on a subframe that will accept bucket seats?

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