225 Fitting a Gripper LSD

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  1. Anyone on here got a guide or workshop manual to stripping down the gearbox to fit a lsd? As I don’t want to cause damage to mine.

    I have two std 225 gearboxes so I have the casing off but got a little stuck and don’t want to just go forcing things.

    So far I’ve removed the casing and one of the detent rods but the longer one that looks like it holds the three rods in will not come out despite it spinning around it will not budge to be able to be removed. Any help with this would be great


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  2. Hi
    You have to knock out a couple of pins from the selector forks, sorry i can't remember which ones they are, it was a long time ago :laughing::laughing::laughing:
    also the shaft nearest the crown wheel and the nearest one one to that are inter locked by that pin between them (in the last pic), you have to make sure at least one is fully locked, you can then pull out the other rod.

    Thinking about it now and looking at the pics, you need to remove the pins from the forks on the rod that is nearest the crown wheel.
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  3. Okay, I've got as far as the OP.

    Cant seem to get the pin out between the two rods visible in this pic.

    I think I have everything out to the right of it (3 or 4 ball bearings and a smaller pin) but can't seem to slide this last one out!

    Any ideas?
  4. You need to line up the indents in the shafts, if you move the visible pin to one side or the other, move the shaft up and down till it drops into the indent, then you can pull the other shaft out
  5. Hmm, had a quick go earlier and I'm still struggling.

    Just to check we're on the same page here, we're talking about the metal pin/rod at the bottom between the two left hand selectors? It's inline with the crown wheel?
  6. Yes that's the one, you have taken the pins out of the selector forks haven't you ???
  7. Do you mean these?

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  8. Yes and an the one below
  9. So, get those two.pins out and the metal bar between them at the bottom and it should come apart?

    I'll give it another bash tonight!
  10. should do, but make sure that the other shaft has the indent lined up to get the other shaft out, its a faff need 3 or 4 hands :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:
  11. Progress lol

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  12. Getting there, need a vice to tighten the crown to the diff and going to put a new seal on the input shaft as a precaution!

    Don't suppose you have any plans for this box Ian? A couple of ball bearings fell out from somewhere so could do with a blueprint to make sure everything is back in the right order!
  13. i used this as a guide

  14. Thanks!

    Don't suppose you know where I can find torque settings?
  15. Well my seal has finally arrived so I'm optimistic that I could get it running by the end of the week!
  16. Not to sure on torque figures, casing bolts are about 30nm. crown wheel to diff i think are around 80nm
  17. Its quite a faff to put it all back together, you need an extra pair of hands really, just don't loose your rag with it, you will struggle.

    I would advise fitting the casings together dry and check it works in all gears before finally sealing the casings
  18. Yeah I'm going to be doing it with a mechanic mate of mine who does have some experience with this kind of thing!

    Don't suppose you have any images or diagrams for the gears? My two dogs kindly came barreling in and knocked them all apart! I'm assuming its first and second as the others are still together on the two main shafts. Not sure if they've damaged the synchro tbh!
  19. i very much doubt they have damaged the synchro's, they take way more abuse than you dog could give them :laughing::laughing::laughing:
  20. I'm not sure if they've knocked some bearings out!

    Hopefully it'll all make sense when it starts going back together!
  21. its a bit like a jigsaw, parts will only really fit in one place, like i said dry assemble first and check all the gears.

    Also make sure that the pins are back in flush, one of mine wasn't and it locked against the casing, couldn't see it till i forced the selector and it marked the casing, tapped it in and was all slick.
  22. Well, I'm hoping to have a good bash at this tonight!
  23. Hope it goes well for you
  24. Good progress.

    Nearly there, hope to have it back together in the morning!

    Getting the pins back in has probably been one of the most difficult parts!
  25. So close!

    Everything back together but struggled to get the big circlip back on top of the left shaft with the casing on. Hopefully an extra pair of hands will do the trick.

    Not sure when I'll get time to carry on, but hopefully we can get it back on the car for next weekend.

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  26. You should be able to rest the casing on the top of the bearing, open the circlip and it should drop a little to hold the circlip open, wont drop all the way due to the locating spigots in casing
  27. Thinking about it, there was a couple of shims above and I'm not sure if I got them the right way around.

    If I get chance tomorrow I'll have another look.
  28. Well, I'd told myself I wasn't going to do anymore on this today!

    Having issues with the selectors, they'll go "down" (looking at the photos) but not up, and the when the end one (diff side) moves, the one next to it drops meaning the selector got stuck.

    I have freed it and I've now taken most of the selectors apart again to see if I've messed anything up with the order of the bearings.

    Interestingly, when its apart I can move the selectors freely which is what's making me believe it could be an issue with the ball bearings?

    It's getting close to defeating me lol!
  29. Study the Catcar pic closely then you can see where you need to put the balls and pins.
  30. If it's defeating you walk away and look again another day :laughing::laughing:
  31. I'm confident I've got it all back together as it should but as you say, walk away and maybe fresh eyes tomorrow will find the issue.
  32. And walk away for the second time.
  33. Whats wrong :confused:
  34. Something is amiss somewhere.

    All seems to work great but when I tighten the casing everything locks up. Can't turn the shaft or select all the gears.

    Stripped it all back down to check everything is in the right order and it all seems right?!

    The bright side of all this is I can now strip it down with my eyes closed lol!
  35. Check the inside of the casing for marks where something could be catching, is it when the casing is tightened down ???
  36. Yeah, once I tighten a few bolts everything just seizes.

    Going to put it all back together tomorrow with my mate, hopefully a fresh pair of eyes will notice something .
  37. Not being funny, but when its gone tight use a plastic headed hammer and whack the input shaft and the casing where the bearings are, they might just need settling
  38. Hallelujah!!

    Thanks for all the help Ian!

    Just hope the quaife is worthwhile now!

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  39. Sorry Mate, been away playing for a few days :sunglasses::sunglasses:.

    Great that you have finally got it back together, the Quaife will worth the pain you have had :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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