First Service - Not what I expected

Discussion in 'Dealer and Specialists Feedback' started by csmith8757, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. Well the car had it's first service yesterday and the result isn't what I expected. Dropped off at dealer for 9am to be ready for 2pm. Free ticket to catch park and ride into the city, bit of shopping and breakfast caught bus back around midday VW opposite the Renault garage so had a look around. Back to the Renault garage around 12:30 sat and waited for 1.5 hours asked if I wanted it cleaned and said no it's ok as I just wanted to get back home as took me 1.5 hrs to get there in the morning.
    First thing I noticed on the way home was the tyre pressures. They hadn't warmed up yet and were set at 2.6 front and 2.3 rear bit high but easy to sort. Got home and gave it a clean as I got it back off the dealer dirtier than when they had it. I noticed a deep scratch on the wing mirror and also blue paint on the lower front bumper. Now the blue paint came off so not a problem but the mirror is a different issue. Will not cost much to sort and accidents do happen but they would of known they had done it and kept quiet. Then this morning go to get the car out of the garage and I have a small pool of oil. So drive to a local independent garage this morning and looks like when they changed the oil filter they didn't clean up after and had oil down the front of the engine. None of the items are anywhere near major issues but when your taking your car to a main dealer you expect a certain level of service for the price your paying. Just disappointing.
  2. Name and shame the dealer...
  3. Got a text off them this morning to see if I was happy with the service. So replied No and had text back to ask if I would like the service manager to contact me so texted Yes. We shall see what happens. The dealer was Lookers Chester.
  4. What have they been doing with it to cock up the pressures? Did you have new tyres fitted? Have they crashed it?

    The trouble with dealers as opposed to indy's is they just employ idiots who don't give a toss about the reputation of the company, whereas one/two man bands will take a lot more care.

    Good luck with the scratch. Blackburn Renault put two dents in the sill of my R26. I went through RUK customer services and still got nothing - had to repair at my own expense. Needless to say, when I bought 2 new cars, they didn't get the business.
  5. Didn't have tyres fitted by them that's for sure. Check the pressures regularly and they were fine before it went in. They obviously checked them as part of the service and decided they were incorrect. On the inside of your door do your have the two tyre sizes as 235 and 225. It seems they set them to the pressure for the 225 and the trophys are the 235.
  6. Jesus, don't mention on here that you can put 225's on a Megane - they accuse you of being blind or driving without insurance or something...
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  7. I would never go to a main dealer for servicing etc. Useless comes to mind. Had a bad experience with WALTON ON THAMES AUDI with my RS4 many years ago
  8. That sounds conclusive ! ;-)

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