First little clean of my new 250 cup

Discussion in 'Detailing' started by Sean royal details, Jan 20, 2021.

  1. Hi guys I’m Sean owner of royal details, took purchase of my megane rs250cup on Tuesday and it was properly filth so had to give her a freshen up. It does need machine polishing and I will do that soon

    for now it received

    garage therapy decon shampoo via Lance and bucket.
    Cartec iron wash
    Bilt hamber medium clay
    Autofinesse ultra glaze
    Autoglymn uhd wax

    not perfect but loads better 24552365-40DE-4672-AAB3-DF4AB9F99703.jpeg D1320052-F81F-4A15-A4A7-C7AC8E127C36.jpeg 46B680EC-A236-46A3-8489-98D364D73229.jpeg
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  2. Very nice, gold wheels are epic too.
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  3. Thanks mate so far I love it few nice mods on her too
  4. 20210117_133211.jpg After a full clean white does look good but just trip to the shops and your back to square one again
  5. Looks stunning, congrats on the purchase.

    Do you have any plans for it?
  6. Thanks mate. it’s pretty much where I wanted (club sport spec) cage zpo shifter
    Airtec stage 1 bc coilovers rc6 pads braided lines etc
    Pole position seats
    The only things I want to do are get a 2nd set wheels probably the pro track 9x17 with ar1 tyres for track and we go the the Nurburgring every year so that’s the plans for now
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  7. Nice, sounds like a weapon. You will have a blast in it when you take it to the ring.

    When looking out for 9x17 wheels, make sure they fit ok as some have issues catching the brake calliper and require some bolt shaving to get them to fit. The pro track might be ok but worth a check...
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  8. Paint those wheels satin black and it would be perfect
  9. Lol and look like every other white megane rs
    I like the gold
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  10. "Not perfect"? "Little clean?" You have to kidding, haven´t you? Is better than new man! I don´t have the patience to get that finish. If you want to travel to my garage...only must to say!!:tonguewink::tonguewink:
    And I agree you about black wheels, a lot of white Megs are the same look, mine first! I like your machine, personalty!
  11. Thanks mate. I will be more then happy to do your car.
    It does need machine polishing etc but I will be doing that shortly
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  12. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Ryan's old car?
  13. Is it
    I don’t know I bought it from a guy called James
  14. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Yeah I think so, He's on insta if you care enough lol
  15. Lol
    I will check it out. mist a well set up Meg that’s for sure love the thing
  16. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

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  17. Looks really good! Do you know what offset the wheels are ? And are they 17’s?

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