1. Hi guys,

    Need a little help, I’m not very good with exhaust systems! Been looking at a few different ones for my Megane R26, I want something that sounds good and throaty, but so it still passes an MOT. Which one would you recommend out of these or any other suggestion:
  2. milltek are highly recommended and regarded by tuners
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  3. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

  4. I have two milltek systems...one is straightpiped and the other is standard 3inch. Both are on decatted system. Can make some amazing noises
  5. cgrautomotive

    cgrautomotive RSM Trader

    Depends on what you're looking at but we do the best systems on the market for the Megane's. Dozens of forum members have them fitted now with really great results and very very positive reviews!

    Prices start from £870 for a 3" cat-back, we also do decats, sports cats, tunnel mounted sports cat to make MOT's easy e.t.c, lots of customisable options so you can really have it tailored to you.

    Let us know if you need any more info :blush:
  6. Thanks for the reply, so what would be the loudest system you do but that would still pass the MOT.
  7. cgrautomotive

    cgrautomotive RSM Trader

    If you're looking for a turbo-back system, technically no sports cats should pass an MOT as they're not type approved for the car, however they generally pass emissions tests without a problem.

    The other option is to go for a decat downpipe, and have a sports cat fitted on V-bands in the tunnel, this means that come MOT time you can undo the delete pipe, and switch in a sports cat on your drive with one ratchet in 5-10 minutes, and switch it back out just as easily.

    We can do very small single silencer systems that don't drone and sound fantastic full throttle, you can pretty much choose how loud you want to go so we could build some really loud but you may struggle at some track-days depending on where you go.

    Let me know which you'd prefer between a fixed sports car or a tunnel mounted cat and I'll stick a price together for you.

    Cheers :blush:
  9. Thanks for the info appreciate it, I’m not very good at this, if you send me a few prices of what you think is good but sounds amazing that would be great.
  10. Have the CGR full 3” system with 200 cell sports cat, sounds awesome. Really deep aggressive sound with plenty of pops and bangs. Quality is the best i have seen in an aftermarket exhaust system.
  11. Fair enough would that pass an MOT
  12. Like what’s been said, technically it shouldn’t as it’s not an OEM cat but they mostly only ever check the emissions anyway. Should pass emissions test no problem.
  13. Fair enough
  14. Could you send me the link to both those items?

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