Exhaust sound.

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  1. I own an RS265 and previously did the mid box chop with straight pipe, cheap as chips and made a nice difference, slightly louder at idle, but a lot more pops and bangs, mainly if in sport mode though. Anyway I decided to do the rear silencer chop, replaced with straight pipe, also dirt cheap and I wasn’t expecting much difference based on YouTube vids, however there is quite a bit of difference, the idling sound is quite a bit louder, very happy with that, driving is also quite a bit louder and even more pops and bangs, however it is slightly droney, (if that’s the right word) I also feel although it’s louder you also lose a bit of the whhooosh sound you get on full throttle.. for now I’m happy, I like my cars to make a noise, thought I’d share for those who doing just the mid box or mid box and rear box. To be honest sound vids don’t rely capture the difference so well.
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