EVO - Trophy R vs. Clubsport S

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  1. Saw this on the RenaultSport forum and thought it was worth posting here:

    The old Megane still holds its own.
  2. Nice comparison. Same day, same driver, same tyres.

    The old girl still does the business and while 0.7 sec on lap is big in terms of racing, for your average punter that's about honours even I reckon.
  3. I watched this evo video this morning and spent the rest of the day reading about clubsport gti's. I've had a lot of vw's over the years and they were always great but never RS exciting. Maybe this one is worth a test drive? :smile:
  4. Good luck, only 150 came to the UK!
  5. Really! Haha yeah will take some finding then. No worries I love my meg anyway. :smile:
  6. Bit of a mick take really imo. At least you can (could?) actually get your hands on a Megane. That and the ones that do go up for sale are 35k+ which frankly is a stupid amount of money for a FWD Golf.
  7. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    You havnt seen how much he Trophy-Rs go for LOL.

    I hate to say it but, I'd probably have the golf if I were in a position to choose between the two
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  8. And goes to show how brilliant a package the Megane evolved into to keep up, at now a fraction of the cost, if you tried to buy them now.
    One thing about the golf though...you will never lose much money on it.

    Actually in saying that a quick search for trophy R`s..and the cheapest i can find is 28K
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  9. I've found a few around that are the slightly less extreme ed40 version. Will have to drive one now before I start modding the meg.
  10. It does make you wonder how many people have thrown these cars with cup2`s into the scenary,if even steve sutcliffe finds them scary.
    Those lap times are incredible though..Porsche pace round rockingham.
  11. He is the most aggressive driver I have ever seen try and set a lap time. I get the dramatic irony when making it slide, but the way he drives would make the 159 bus to Birmingham look tail happy.

    I will add, I enjoyed the video, and nice to see that an 8 year old chassis layout is still the front drive benchmark. The current era front drivers are only as good as they are, because of how good the mk3 Megane RS was.

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  12. Yep, that was the most recent one to pop up. 2014 and 8000 miles. Not sure if that's a good price or not.
  13. There is a black one for sale at Sytner Select Warwick. I had a look around it and it was lovely but I'd take the Trophy.R personally.

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  14. Great video. I was hooting at his description of the megane exhaust. I do love that darth vadaresque noise the Akro makes! Reminds me of a funny story when a friend of mine text me as he was at some lights and I went around the roundabout at full chat, the way he described it to me had me in stitches [emoji23]"obnoxious loud white megane tears past - whhooooooogghh!"

    Ironic video this as I've been recently looking at swapping my trophy for the GTI CSS. VW bang on about the rareity but there are plenty on the used market and they've come down from 40 to around 35k in recent months so it shows the greedy buggers who bought them on the premise of it being an epic investment is not necessarily paying off! VW quoted me an outrageous monthly payment on pcp so I binned it off as I don't think the extra cost is worth it and it wouldn't equate to being that much better than the Meg.

    The video illustrates what a great car the R was/is. 8 years in and still cutting the mustard![emoji1598]

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  15. Wouldn't the edition 40 clubsport be much cheaper and very almost as good? Whats the difference between the ed40 and the S? Is it just the weight saving and some more power?
  16. Ironically the edition 40 in the spec I want is harder to find. Three door, Recaros, the 19's, dsg or manual would do! The clubsport s is lighter and a bit more powerful and has no rear seats. I think it would only be worth swapping the Meg for the clubsport s as the regular one won't be quite as 'sharp' to coin a phrase the Evo like to use!

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  17. I'm sure I heard somewhere that the suspension is slightly different on the S, as well as the VAQ settings.
  18. Tyres for the win right, and we know Honda didn't use those production spec Contis for the Ring record either:


  19. Great car but not as good on track as a Renaultsport ....... is the summary.

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