R26 Engine mounts

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  1. Yep, although you might find the dogbone mount is the newer billet one. Not sure what the difference is besides the shape. Powerflex bushes are easy to fit to all of them.
  2. I'm using the ones that K Tec Racing have, and it's good. The vibration from the engine is almost none.
  3. I've just picked the car up after having the main engine mount and top dogbone mount replaced. What a difference! Like others have said it's like a new car. I was getting vibrations and trim buzzing from all over the cabin now that is all gone.
    I bought Febi bilstein mounts from the Amazon links in this thread.
  4. Anybody tried the vibratecnics ones?
  5. I'e just bought all my mounts from Mister Auto as they were cheaper than anywhere else on the net.

    Febi 33206 (Gearbox Mount) £11.93
    Febi 30078 (Upper Dogbone Mount) £20.38
    Febi 28320 (Upper Right Engine Mount) £36.80
    Febi 45796 (Lower Rear Engine Mount) (31.55

    Total was £100.75 Delivered :sunglasses:
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  6. Just bought the Febi mounts and powerflex bushes. The gearbox insert is nice and tight but the main engine mount (top right) is a bit of a loose fit. Just want to know if this is normal or should the insert be tight/hard to push in? Cheers
  7. I'm aware that this is R26 specific, but what I'm not sure is if the R26 mounts are any different to a regular 225.

    I've been browsing through parts lists the whole day and this is what numbers Renault currently uses for the 225 engine/gearbox mounts:

    Main, upper engine mount 8200549046.
    Rear upper "dogbone" 8200103263.
    Lower engine mount 8200777542.
    Gearbox mount 8200352861.

    Are these the same as on the R26 - I am wondering if the feedback on this thread is relevant to our family 225. It needs all four new mounts and I would be interested in paying less than OEM prices for them.

    One Renault parts dealers lists all of the above part numbers, in both OEM and aftermarket quality. BUT, their listing states they only fit the 165hp Megane and not the RS at all. According to Renault, the codes do include RS 225.

    Anyone care to enlighten me and tell me if the codes correspond with 225 mounts and if the Febi/Lemförder ones have been good enough compared to OEM ones in practice. Thanks guys.
  8. I might have a couple of r26 mounts from a few years back that I never ended up using so they are still in the boxes, they were proper renault parts. Let me know if interested and I can double check in the garage.

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  9. Well that's what happens when you're in your old subscribed list instead of new posts, you end replying to a 2 year old post, oops! Have got a few r26 parts if anyone is interested I can double check and post part numbers. From memory, shocks, track rods, engine mounts, a couple of other bits as well.

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