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  1. morning,

    Need to replace my worn engine mounts/gearbox.

    Where do people buy them from, and do you go genuine ?

  2. I've seen Febi replacement mounts on mister-auto website which match the SKU numbers with genuine Renault. Be interested if anyone has tried these as they are SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper!
  3. Yes buddy, a big difference in price but whats the quality like i would like to know. Eurocarparts do febi parts as well.
  4. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    im using the febi one with the powerflex insert, no problems with it. got mine from amazon

    16624201581_0b22bf5ac3_c.jpg New mount by matt eaton, on Flickr
    16438125288_7a8d3ee1ee_c.jpg New mount + powerflex by matt eaton, on Flickr
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  5. I'm going to get all 4 Febi ones soon
  6. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

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  7. Legend Matt, exactly what i was looking for.
    What about dogbone one ?

    Thinking also to put the black series PF bushes.
  8. Thanks Matt, this made all clear for me

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  9. Nice, what delivery like with them ? Certainly cheaper, especially the right engine mount. What brand is it ?
  10. Any extra vibration with the lower mount poly insert?
  11. NJH


    Thanks guys, saved a lot of money with those Amazon links and the two I ordered look identical from what I can tell to the Renault parts. I already replaced the upper engine mount and lower dogbone with genuine Renault parts which cut all the noise and vibrations but I still notice a slight knock/kick in the lower gears which hopefully the gearbox mount and upper torque link will correct.
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  12. Thanks for this, its great.

    Does anyone know if Powerflex do a mount kit for the Upper Torque link??

  13. not as far as i know mate, i did have an uprated one, but didn't want to live with the vibration it caused, couldn't feel any difference with it fitted either.
  14. Nah they don't. Not really needed though if you have the inserts fitted in the other 3 mounts though:
  15. Cheers guys! [emoji1303]

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  16. This may sound stupid but are the powerflex parts for the lower and gearbox mounts inserts with the existing/new mounts? Or do they replace the rubbers in the mounts??

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  17. Thanks for that. I looked at the Powerflex website after and realised they are inserts.

    What would everyone recommend in terms of mounts? Those Febi ones listed by matt look like a bargain, but are genuine ones better in the long run?


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  18. Just bought myself a set of oem style from ECP - need doing urgently (well for me anyway) so its booked in tomorrow.

    Ordered the powerflex inserts to do later on so I can compare the improvement from worn to oem to inserts fitted (plus they're on order at powerflex)

    Will do a comparison when done.

    It's simple to retro fit the inserts in a couple of weeks isn't it?
  19. Any news on the comparison? Would be interesting to hear
  20. For the inserts? Absolutely perfect mate. Took a couple hundred miles to settle and were initial cabin vibrations but it's as tight as a nun's chuff now and gear change is nice and direct with hardly no catching at all, even when cold.

    I'd say inserts are the same improvement again from new mounts from old

    (yellow powerflex)
  21. NJH


    Just for reference for anyone reading this thread or researching the subject, the top torque link the little one connecting to the bulkhead and the gearbox mount together did indeed get rid of the knock when changing gear or pulling away.
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  22. Yes Lemforder make a lot of genuine/oem BMW parts. Used plenty over the years without a problem.
    Here's a question - which mounts are best renewed to reduce cabin buzzes and vibrations? Mine rattles a lot on or just over tickover.
  23. Best thing to do would may be raise the idle? I know they do that on hondas. And just use powerflex inserts
  24. Do you guys notice a big difference with the Powerflex inserts? On throttle and gear changes?

    I've changed all the upper mounts previously and have got a Lower Dogmount to be fitted with a Powerflex insert . . . I'm wondering whether to get inserts for the rest . . .
  25. Absolutely yes. 100% worth doing. I do them on every car I get
  26. Cool . . . are they easy to fit? Assuming the mount has to be removed . . .
  27. I didnt do them but for someone who knows its a hr or so job. Pretty much exact same as fitting mounts, take em out, slot the inserts in and refit
  28. sen


    How do you jack your engine up to replace this? I can't fit a jack under mine, never mind a jack with some wood on it.
  29. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    I used a set of ramps

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  30. sen


    Ahh. I don't have ramps. I'll get it in to a garage. They can do that and the gearbox one. What should be next place to look if no joy from these? Bushes or something?
  31. Had all the mounts replaced last week using the links in this thread.

    Amazing the difference it has made. Engine is so quiet now, no cabin rattles, drive is much smoother and gear change much more precise. All for less than £200 for parts and labour, bargain. The old ones were in a bad state, bits of rubber missing, deformed and crumbling.

    Thank you.

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  32. The eurocarcare links? How long did delivery take?
  33. Three from Amazon and the other from eBay using the part number. Couple of days, not long.

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  34. Apologies if this has already been discussed but i'm having the same issue at the moment with lots of vibrations so looking to replace all the engine mounts. Do the above links cover all the mounts I will require and would it be worth me buying the Powerflex inserts for each one while i'm at it?

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