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Discussion in 'Dealer and Specialists Feedback' started by Mattyt, Feb 23, 2017.

  1. Just got the race car back from Andy at Engine Dynamics. I must say what a great guy! Really felt he knew what he was doing especially as the Ecuador was locked from RS Tuning. The car is running 302bhp and 343 lbs/ft of torque which is great as it is running a 38mm turbo restrictor which is only a 10bhp loss.

    I cannot recommend enough!

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  2. Good to hear as I'm taking the beast there soon, I must say he's been really helpful over the phone and email.

    Why do you have a 38mm turbo restrictor?
  3. I've been there this week to have a stage one map"
    Nothing crazy spent time chatting with me and seemed to know his business.
    Dyno cell is a bit closed off and hasn't any where to view"
    However decent tea hut to keep yourself amused.
    Would I recommend yes for sure.

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