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Discussion in 'Detailing' started by rockabilly, May 4, 2020.

  1. hi guys. done a little tarting up on the 250. also lifted the engine cover height on the d/s . i didnt like the lobb sided look lol. 20200504_130621_resized.jpg
  2. not bad for 100,000 miles and 10 years old
  3. 2017_07_28_11_31_58_177.jpg quick question for all. my map sensor is held in place by a tie wrap. there appears to be no stud or nut like this pic i found on the web?.
  4. Does it look like it has snapped off under the sensor, all mk3's i have seen have a stud, mk2's have a clip, does the rest of the manifold look the same.
  5. no reminse of a stud ian. its weird. could it have had a manifold change maybe
  6. will get a pic cover off
  7. That is really weird, everything else looks right, was thinking it might have been changed for a R26 one, but it has fewer pipe connections.

    What age is your car, it looks like where the tie wrap lump is, thats where the spring clip on a mk2 fits, so i#m thonking its a really early engine.
  8. manugtt

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    If I remember well, it have a kind of clip to hold the sensor. When I saw it first time I thought must be a joke...Renault again!!
  9. its an aug 10 car
  10. actually just checked its a june 2010 car
  11. same as mine found on the net renault-megane-rs-250-cup-2011-820_69.jpg
  12. found this not 250 but we think like this maybe i2.jpg
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  13. same sort of idea, they must have had a problem with the early ones and that's why they changed it to a stud.

    A tie wrap will hold it better than that little clip.
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  14. Looks great, wouldn't think it had done 100k.
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  15. Off topic question, love the black cam cover , where did you get this from or did you do it yourself ?
  16. i just painted it..
  17. How did you mamage to do the lettering ? Looks good
  18. measured the original and then bought similar size from ebay. its not hard to do. just some scotchbrite to give it a key and then paint.
  19. Paint brush or spray ? Cheers
  20. Also what paint was it anything special ?
  21. IMG_20200906_191512.jpg Just used these. Cars done a lot of track days this year 12 so far no issues
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  22. Cheers mate
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