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Discussion in 'Wanted' started by ianplymouth, Apr 30, 2021.

  1. Hi Guys
    I'm after buying a R26 ECU, to prove mine is either good or broken.

  2. I presume you have looked on eBay Ian?.
  3. Yes i have there's one in Poland, but i think i need to check the part number of the one that's in the car first before i buy anything.
  4. Part number on my ecu is 8200509963
  5. anyone know why there are 2 part numbers on the ecu's
    The other number is 8200606038

    The first number above comes up for a Scenic 2 :openmouth:
  6. Have you found one yet Ian?.
  7. Think i have, just waiting confirmation of the part numbers
    Ash Gourley says he has one, but he has gone quite :openmouth::openmouth:
  8. hes normally on the money..message him private as well as the hot hatch breakers site..
  9. I’ve got one if your still looking
  10. Interested Yorkie

    What are the numbers on it ????

    And how much
  11. I messaged him directly on Saturday, was going to check the part numbers for me, didnt hear back, messaged him again today and no response and i know hes seen the massage :tired::tired:
  12. 150. Its got a ktec stage 1 map on it which is either a positive or negative depending on your opinion of them.

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  13. He's Just sent a message :laughing::laughing:
  14. Okay thanks Yorkie
    Will keep you in mind, lets see what Ash is sending

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