E46 M3

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  1. Anyone had one of these? Interested in one as my next car and fancy something rear wheel drive for a change.
  2. Very interested to read feedback on this. See lots of them at trackdays and defo on my list to look at next time.
  3. Yes he did, not for very long though. I know prices have started to rise and some people are asking silly prices. You can pic a decent e92 m3 up now from £17-18K. I know they suffer from vanos problems. The stock brakes are crap and it's expensive to get more power out of them.
  4. Angry engine..best bit about it.
    Needs lots of money thrown at it to make it handle ,and stop as you would like.
    Lots of well developed parts available...but costs in another league to the Megane.
    You see well sorted e46s flying round the ring.
    Very capable car when sorted,but you will need to be on top of your driving to really make it fly.

    My mate had one..it was rusting in places..but BMW`s paint warranty still covered it, even after 10 years.
    You got to consider how old these cars are now..lots of tired examples still knocking about,being run into the ground.
    Big money needed for clean examples.
  5. I can imagine people buy them and try to flog them on as soon as they know there is a big bill due for parts.

    Would you class it as an upgrade
  6. if you throw a lot of money at it,and can handle a powerful, tail happy ,RWD car.
    Chassis is nearly 20 years old remember!
  7. Sorry chaps just seen this. Yes I had a brief (too brief) a spell on a manual E46 M3, bloody fantastic car and one I think you should scratch of you can. I loved mine but mine had a few subtle mods that would make it that bit better then stock without ruining it

    Eibach springs
    Evolve map
    Braided lines
    CSL shift lights
    Carbon diffuser
    E92 competition 18' wheels
    Few other bits

    Mine was a little more throaty then most but still needed revving to get the most out of it, interior felt dated even compared to Megane but still felt classy, exterior looks are amazing if you ask me. Turn in and ride was spot on and I daily drove mine and averaged 23mpg with mixed driving (low 30s on a long run)

    Downside is they aren't cheap to run or repaire so you either buy a dog and spend money or spend money and get a well looked after one. I was lucky mine was dirt cheap and was very well maintained and I sold it far too soon.
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  8. I don’t normally like silver cars but that looks well smart! I really want one but the potential bills put me off slightly, and the fact I can’t get insured on one just yet, maybe next year if the prices of them haven’t gone up too much I’ll get one.
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  9. Ive noticed prices are going up. Not many about with less than 100k and if there lower mileage they want silly money. You'll be 20k in to buy a respectable one and upgrade various bits
  10. I'm looking at the E92 M3... newer, better looks (IMHO) and a V8!
  11. and single figure MPG when even vaguely pushing it.
    a huge factor,in quite a few of these being available on the market.
  12. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    E92 is probably going to be what gets me out the Megane, similar sort of spec to the Megane would be ideal , running costs and general parts prices are what's stopped me for now though, Meganes are so cheap to run
  13. Nearly bought a pheonix yellow E46 M3 with only 60k on the clock 2-3 years ago for 10k. But quibbled with the bloke over chucking in his spare set of wheels for free and ended up missing out. What a fool ey! Would have probably been worth 20k now. Hey ho everyday is a school day! Buy one if you don't mind get a 1k repair bill EVERY TIME it needs something doing....
  14. E92’s seem to be in the high teens at the moment which seems a bargain! Maybe everyone’s scared of the bills haha.
  15. they are epic..but the fuel alone would bankrupt you,unless you have very deep pockets!
  16. IMHO if you are considering an M3 then the running costs go with the car you are buying, a 4 litre V8 is'nt going to be frugal. Other than that a couple of known mechanical issues... a lot less than the Megane I currently own :-)

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