1. Unfortunately I have a crack in my n/s drl, it still works but want to replace it. Is this a bumper off job?
    Any help appreciated.
  2. BuryJake

    BuryJake RSM Club Member

    Yes, bumper off is fairly easy though
  3. Yes bumper off then two screws, silly money from Reno though

    Managed to replace both mine completely shattered with s/h items but v hard to find
  4. Cheers lads. Seen brand new one's for £100 on ebay but will keep an eye out for a second hand one obviously for the side I need!
  5. BuryJake

    BuryJake RSM Club Member

    Where are you from? I have just removed both of mine, not in the best condition (drivers side wasn't working so I've blanked them off, they aren't cracked though.)
    I'm Manchester if you want them for £25
  6. Are they off a 250? If so they they'll have 3 leds, not 5 like a 265/275. Appreciate the offer though.
  7. BuryJake

    BuryJake RSM Club Member

    Yeah 250 mate

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