Driving light LEDs not working

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  1. Hello, I have a Megane 3 RS250. Unfortunately neither of the day time running lights on the lower blade are working, any help would be greatful. I cannot find the fuse location for the DRLs either to check so if anybody knows that knows be great. Thank you in advance
  2. Did they ever work? You checked there switched on?
  3. Yeah they used to work? How do I check they’re switched on? I assumed if the engine was running then that was it they’d be working? Didn’t know there was the option to turn them off
  4. Make sure they are switched on in the first place. There's a settings menu in the trip computer in the car, I think it's Auto Dimming Lights, something like that, make sure that's ticked.
  5. What he said⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️
  6. Just looked now and yes the “Auto dipped-beam headlights” is ticked so they should be on
  7. you can see the connector to DRL in front bumper if take pax wheel off and remove front section of wheel liner
  8. Yes checked they are switched on in the settings menu but not working, wondering if there is a fuse for them?
  9. Check all fuses, if none are blown then it aint a fuse. But if the rest of the lights are working id say it wont be a fuse, check the feed down the passenager side (uk) and find the plug. And test from there.
  10. I don't know if the DRL's have a separate fuse. Don't think so as I couldn't find it in the manual. The 250 DRL's only work with the headlights turned off (this can be fixed though)
  11. If they both it working I would check the connection on passenger side of bumper you can get to it from passenger wheel arch, I had one die on me but it was water damage to the controller..

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