Driveshaft Spacers

Discussion in 'Car Parts For Sale' started by K_Mcd222, Sep 27, 2018.

  1. Hi all ive had another batch of these made up. Had one on my car for nearly 3 months, done 3 trackdays and its been perfect, sold over 12 of these now and not had one complaint.

    These fit on the passenger driveshaft for those that dont know, preventing CV damage when lowering as the angle of the single piece shaft causes failure.

    Im selling these for £10 posted all i ask is if your paying as goods and service you send £10.56

    Thanks for looking feel free to ask anything.




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  2. I’ll take one of these next week if still available

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  3. No problem mate just drop me a pm when your ready

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  4. R88 GUP

    R88 GUP RSM Club Member

    Ive lost mine so will need another!

  5. Anyone after one just drop us a pm and ill sort them out

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  6. Hi mate. I sent you a pm last night. Can you send it asap as drive shaft is being fitted next wed?
    And let me know your PayPal email for payment. Thanks, art
  7. I’ll have one. What’s your PayPal
  8. Mish View

    Mish View RSM Club Member

    I would also consider one, since, i.m planning to install KW/AST coilovers in the near future :smile: . What's your paypal ?

  9. As above what's your Paypal I will take one too
  10. If for a 250 I will take one too
  11. What’s PayPal please? I’ll take one

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  12. They fit both.
  13. I'll take one fitted coilovers already but wasn't aware this was needed till now :/
  14. Ryan Butler

    Ryan Butler RSM Club Member

    Ill take one mate if any left

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  15. Question: these are R26/225’s and 250 upwards?
  16. Looks like he has done a runner
  17. Message him.

    Very good seller.
  18. This is his post can he not answer on here no point in putting a post on a forum then ignoring everyone who posts on it
  19. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

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