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Donington Park Sunday 26th January

Discussion in 'Track Days & Track Driving' started by Poppaboost, Dec 25, 2019.

  1. As title, the wife kindly booked me on this, anyone else going?
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  2. I'll be there!
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  3. Cool, will be in my mates ly r26, hopefully terrorising some supercar owners :smile:
  4. First time on track in a Megane for me, last time I was out was about 2yrs ago at Cadwell in my 200 Cup.
  5. Cadwells a great track for renault sports, been there a couple of times and embarrassed some way more expensive machinery.
    You driven donington before?
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  6. New car and new track, got myself a tuition session booked.

    In the past I've done Blyton, Cadwell, Oulton, Bedford and a bit of Silverstone but all in cars with much less power.
  7. Oultons a great track for a Megane too.
    Donington is a power circuit but if your car handles well you’ll be able to take more corner speed than outright straight line faster cars can and be quicker overall, last time we went there I bullied an aventador out of my way then it couldn’t keep up:tearsofjoy:
  8. RidsRacer

    RidsRacer RSM Club Member

    I'll be bringing my (currently standard) 225.

    A quick question for you guys: I've been doing track days for a few years now, but usually in smaller, lighter cars (e.g. Clio 172) which were very light on tyres and brakes when on track. It will be my first time out in the Megane and obviously I'm expecting tyre and brake wear to be higher than my previous cars, but do you have an approximate idea of tyre wear rates for a Megane on track?

    I know this is a "how-long-is-a-piece-of-string" type of question but if you have any info on your previous experience that will help me decide if I need to get new rubber fitted before the event (currently on Dunlop SportMaxx RT2s)...

  9. Hi Steve
    It will depend on the weather, looks like if its wets or damp you should be okay with those tyres and if you have standard or yellow stuff pads should hold up.
    If its dry then you will over heat the tyres and brakes limiting the amount of laps you can do at each outing.
    What about your brake fluid, if its old standard fluid then you could boil it and loose all braking.
    Also you need to keep an eye on tyre pressures.
  10. What Ian said, I’d definitely look to change your brake fluid if it hadn’t been done recently and you can always remove your rear seats, parcel shelf and the boot carpets for a bit of weight saving.
  11. RidsRacer

    RidsRacer RSM Club Member

    Thanks guys. Looking forward to it.
  12. Defo do fluid . I cooked my brake fluid in my r26 on motul rbf 660 . Changed to Castrol srf and never had a problem since

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  13. Great day out, had a few issues with an annoying misfire gremlin but think we’ve sorted a work round.
    Damp in the morning on slicks was entertaining and some pretty quick cars out there, afternoon very wet but put the full wets on and wow was it good, didn’t get overtaken on a single flying lap all afternoon, well worth the money!
    Sorry I didn’t get to come and chat to you Steve or Shaun, ended up too busy trying to cure the gremlins :grimacing:
  14. RidsRacer

    RidsRacer RSM Club Member

    Yep, was a good day! With all the red flags in the morning I struggled to get more than a 3 or 4 laps in a row though... The afternoon when it was properly wet was better funnily enough. Very pleased with how the Megane coped. I did 170+ miles on track and no real issues (being wet helped with brake and tyre usage of course).
  15. Had a good time in the morning but once the rain had started I'd had enough so packed up at half 2. Spent most of day chatting with the lad in the white 220 trophy which is a really nice car.

    One thing I didn't like was a couple of the Darkside drivers were shocking at trying to bully you out of the lay, mk5 Golf would regularly come up your side in the corners and the older one (mk2?) may aswell have been in my back seat through Craners at one point.

    Would love to go back in the dry though!
  16. I quite enjoy wet track days now, most of the dick heads go home early
  17. That’s why one of them ended up rolling the Ka in the afternoon :tearsofjoy:

    Other way round it is to just make yours faster of course:wink:

    We didn’t have that issue, they couldn’t keep up lol
  18. RidsRacer

    RidsRacer RSM Club Member

    Yeah, I can't remember exactly what cars it was, but I saw a couple of incidents where faster cars were overtaking through Craners and up torwards McLeans without any sort of consent (even though this was expressly warned against in the briefing) and could easily have taken people out. I really don't know why these people do it. It wasn't even as if they had been held up for several corners; they seem to think that as soon as the reach traffic that it's a good idea to barge through before giving the person in front the chance to reach an appropriate place to pull over. Most of the cars doing this appeared to be reasonably experienced drivers so I would have thought they would have learned a bit of self-control by now and realised that they just look like muppets who have convinced themselves that they are really excellent racing drivers who need to 'win' the trackday... :-)

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