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Donington 3 November anyone ?

Discussion in 'Track Days & Track Driving' started by B6lee, Oct 30, 2019.

  1. Anyone on here booked up to go ?
  2. Was going to go with a group i'm on whattapp with, started with about 10, now its down to 2 i think, not too bothered as im off to Bilster Berg and Spa next Thursday
  3. Didn’t bother booking then ?
  4. No, didn't think it was worth it so close to me going to Germany.

    There's a group (different bunch) going to Oulton Park on the 16th December, a couple of us are doing Silverstone on the 14th then driving up to Oulton.
    Good few of us have already booked Oulton so it a goer :laughing::laughing:
  5. Ah right. This will probably be last outing for me this year. Did spa back in March with the evo :smile:
  6. Come on, get up there and join us, it's only £99 :laughing:
  7. Mmm maybe :smile:
  8. We have booked into Travelodge Middlewich

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