Diagnostic tool for my Meg RS 250?

Discussion in 'Electrical & Interior - Security, ICE, Wiring Loom' started by Acave24, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. Hi all,

    Im looking for a decent Diagnostic tool scanner for my RS 250 to read and clear fault codes/lights.

    Preferably under £100 please.

    Any recommendations would be appreciated cheers
  2. Just reading and deleting MIL?

    Do you have android: buy a ELM 327 Bluetooth dongle

    IPhone? Buy a WiFi elm 327

    And use the app Torque or another one =)
  3. Got one but doesnt work :worried:
  4. I use my 2 pound dongle very often in the last 2 years. It could read and delete almost every car without problems :sweatsmile:

    Just Ford, Mercedes, Smart doesn't works with.

    I can't say if can clip work for megane 3 rs

    Another nice tool is Delphi DS 150. But can clip can more for Renault
  5. used Carly softwear with an old wifi ODB connector and works v well and saved buying the Carly device

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