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  1. Hi all, bought my first Renault a couple of weeks ago - a nice example and low mileage example of an R26 in deep black. I was initially after a LY one but couldn't pass this opportunity up.

    So coming from this immediately before this was a 330bhp 450nm S3 which was good but it was mainly just power and wasn't too good with handling and I must admit I'm a lover of good handling cars. This was always on the list of cars that I liked. This has a KTEC sports cat 3 inch all the way through, an intake and a remap with some spacers on the front and back

    So here we are now!


    I'll be doing a few bits to it soon but first I had plans to change the gearbox oil with genuine stuff and a few other bits! I want to remove the rear seats and stick i brace in the back - mainly for aesthetic reasons as I won't be using the rear seats much at all anyway.


    Got some genuine stuff and changed that which has improved the shifting so it's something that needed doing but gave the car a good check over as the MOT is being done on Saturday! I did the brake fluid too as it wasn't looking its best..


    After that I gave it a clean and tried to get rid of an awful attempt at removing a scratch with my polisher and the results came out really well

    Before -


    After -


    I then took the camera out and got some picture of it while it was clean and it's safe to say I do love this car. It drives amazing (yes I will change the Triangle tyres for matching PS4's) but I'll just be enjoying it for a while as updates may slow due to the arrival of our first baby in May 2021!

    IMG_7831-01.jpeg IMG_7835-02.jpeg IMG_7838-01.jpeg IMG_7841-01.jpeg IMG_7842-02.jpeg IMG_7850-01.jpeg

    More to follow!

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  2. Hi and welcome, very nice car once you polished it a bit.
    Its amazing how better a car looks once you take care of it and give it the TLC it needs even for a car of that age.
    Enjoy the car as it was made for putting a grin on peoples face
  3. Thanks! I only managed to get that rear quarter done just to see if I could get it gone but i'm looking forward to going over the whole car as I was really surprised with how well it came out
  4. watch those tyres mate..premium on the front..ditchfinders on rear.
    Might be worth swapping them back to front for now,just to make sure you have more grip on the rear,and avoid any unexpected oversteer moments due to the grip difference.
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  5. scratch that comment..i see you have mentioned ,
    that the car has that well know brand"traingle" on the rear!
  6. Yeah awful tyres, I had a little bit of lift off going round a corner the other day so will be getting matching pilot sport 4s to replace those triangle ones haha
  7. manugtt

    manugtt RSM Club Member

    Welcome Adam! It looks great after polish job, holy patience!! I hope you enjoy a lot, and take sure when you taste the PS4S will be like day and night:wink:
  8. Thanks. They have been ordered and will be with me on Monday so will get them fitted soon :smiley:
  9. 20201115_120325.jpg Little update - managed to remove the rear seats and get the carpet down in the back. It's come out really nicely just need a brace and it'll be finished. Tucked away the rear belts in the trims and removed the strikers so it's nice and clean without anything there!


    Got some new plates to go on as well and the new PS4 tyres coming tomorrow!
  10. 20201115_130401.jpg
  11. Nice job with the seatbelts, not seen that done before
  12. Thanks, yeah just tidies it up a lot and doesn't mean you have to remove a tonne of trims to actually remove the belt.
  13. Looking good!

    What’s the deal with the boot liners on these? Mine doesn’t have one like yours so the carpet sags in to the spare wheel well slightly.
    Is mine missing or something? because yours looks so much better.
  14. I think it's just a plastic storage bit that's molded to where the spare wheel would be - I'm new to these so possibly someone else would come up with a better answer haha
  15. Fresh MOT on it today! PS4 tyres fitted the other night too so now the tyres are done I will start looking at refreshing the suspension. First will be new shocks and will be looking at cooksport springs as they currently have 20% off! 20201121_120946.jpg

  16. Also, if people are on Instagram then feel free to follow me on there as I'll upload more on there - a_rowland91
  17. Yes, yours is missing, you can either get another one (cheap and from any Megane Mk2) or put a small board over it, which is have done.

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