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  1. If your replacing the oem downpipe with a Ktec downpipe what exactly are you talking about coupling to ?
    The Ktec is a 3" downpipe, the Akra is a 3" system, where's the issue ?
  2. Let me explain. The akra is not 3", it has the same pipe size as oem. Furthermore, the akra sleeves after the dp assembly so the dp aseembly - even using a 3" decat - will be the Oem one.

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  3. Ok your saying there is a pipe between the down pipe & the Akrapovic system ?
    So its not a full bolt on system but just a partial slip on system, that's disappointing.
  4. This is how it comes from Factory un the 275 Trophy and Trophy R [​IMG]

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  5. cgrautomotive

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    With the akra systems you have to cut the pipe with the flexi in after the downpipe to slip it on, I believe this is how the OEM trophy Akra's fit too. Getting a 3" downpipe will have to bolt up to the factory 2.75" system, and probably won't flow particularly well.

    We make 3" Titanium systems and 3" downpipes which all fit together to provide extra-high flow :smile:
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  6. I believe the factory system is 2.5" ?

    My idea is to custom made the flexi pipe to create a smooth flow from 3" decat dp to 2.5" Akra.
  7. Have you tested 2.5" decat with 3" decat? Wich one has better performance gains?
  8. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    The gains and losses are very, very minimal. Unless your running a highly tuned engine your really not going to notice on a "basic" setup.
  9. cgrautomotive

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  10. I've just bought a 3" decat. It won't affect my performance will it?

    My car hasn't been mapped but I have a custom made 3" cat back exhaust.

    I'm planning to get my car mapped, but it will probably be in a couple of months.
  11. Not sure what you've got but I know on the Clios that a decat pipe drops performance until you've had it mapped.
  12. You will increase Performance but you will need a remap at least to delete the light that will turn on due to the abscence of a cat.

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  13. I've had the decat fitted now and it sounds mental at full throttle and pops a lot more.

    @L-1011 I have a custom made 3" cat back exhaust from EMP Performance in St Albans and now a 3" decat from CGR.

    @ToritoRS I haven't really noticed an increase or decrease on power, seems to be about the same. Cars running rich at the moment.

    The eml hasn't turned on yet, I've had it fitted for just over a week and still no light. Planning to get the car mapped in January most likely
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  14. They don't have a turbo. :smile:
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  15. How much including shippimg to australia?

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  16. cgrautomotive

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    If you can PM us your address we can get a quote together for you :smile:

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