275 Decat arrived

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  1. Any chance of price & availability ?
  2. cgrautomotive

    cgrautomotive RSM Trader

    Price is £200 + postage and will be available within the next couple of weeks :smile:
  3. Thanks found your group buy thread.
    Put me down for the decat thanks.
    I'm in Australia so no vat but higher postage of course...
  4. Maybe you guys could do a video of you've got a car with one fitted that would be awesome. I am tempted I will say!

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  5. cgrautomotive

    cgrautomotive RSM Trader

    Have you still got a standard system on at the minute?
  6. 'If' that should've said above!

    I have a trophy 275 with the Akrapovic, same as the OP. It's standard but not if that makes sense!

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  7. It sounds unreal @Lewis. OP came to ourselves to have it fitted and the quality of the workmanship for starters is top notch. The sound of this decat coupled with the Akra is music to the ears.

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  8. It does look fantastic alright. I'd probably get a remap at the same time. God damn we need a video![emoji14]

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  9. Should have taken one once we had it fitted lol.

    My 265 has a Scorpion system from turbo back and it doesn't sound near as good as the combination from the OP.

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  10. I have to say I do like the tone of the Akro even compared to other aftermarket systems. It just sounds right. Not boomy or droney but sweet. Hopefully op will be back on his feet soon enough and can do a few vids. I drive my car daily so need to make sure it doesn't sound like a wrc car lol! I want extra noise but within reason.

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  11. cgrautomotive

    cgrautomotive RSM Trader

    Adding a decat to a standard system won't sound mad at all, it'll be fairly tame compared to some of the systems we've built. Will have a fairly angry tone without having any drone or being over the top.
  12. How would a sports cat sound compared to a decat?

    I have a custom cat back exhaust fitted right now
  13. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Decat on the Megane completely changes how they sound
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  14. But I won't pass my MOT with a decat so I'm looking to get a sports cat instead.

    Any idea what kind of sound I'd get from a sports cat? Similar to a decat?
  15. Elaborate

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  16. Are these available yet ?if so out me down for 1 please :wink:
  17. cgrautomotive

    cgrautomotive RSM Trader

    I believe we actually have one left in stock, we built a batch but have all been sold before we got chance to post anything about them!

    We will be taking orders for them on a build-to-order basis as per usual once this remaining one has sold though :smile:

  18. Sorry for the long delay, I attach below an audio clip of the sound from the rear of the car.

    You really need to listen to this clip through a decent pair of headphones or sound system to get a real representation of what it sounds like in real life, I listened back through my own phones speaker and it does it no justice at all, it is a really aggressive deep/throaty sound and makes lovely snappy pops and bangs on overrun and on gear changes.

    As mentioned, this setup does not drone at all, otherwise I would have removed it in an instant, cruising speed noise is basically unchanged, slightly louder, however when you put your foot to the floor the noise is just fantastic :smile: absolutely perfect!

    Hopefully this link works...

  19. Okay I'll have that one of possible please , shall I pm you my details ?
  20. It works, and for comparison I'll put this up again. (Standard Akarpovic)

    The decat sounds deeper in tone, to my ears - sounds good.
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  21. Thanks lads. Sounds like a Porsche with the decat![emoji41]

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  22. Is there any chance of ordering one of these master pieces please

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  23. Trust me....the audio clip does mine no justice, it sounds bloody epic in person.
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  24. cgrautomotive

    cgrautomotive RSM Trader

    Of course, drop us a pm and we'll sort it out :smile:
  25. How much did it cost to replace your cat and how long did it take?

    I've been told to decat the Megane 3 250 is a pretty long job
  26. I believe it takes 3-4 hours....I guess the price depends on who fits it and what their hourly rate is :smile:
  27. Is there a specific decat I should go for? What's the difference between them, for instance K-Tec/KTR, RS Tuning, Scorpion, Cobra and CGR all do decats but the prices vary between £150 and £200.

    Which one should I go for?
  28. Any db figures for Akra and decat? Dodgy iPhone app ones will do.
  29. @Sam@NP You mean at idle? I can get you a figure for that...but don't really have a way to get one at full power....but trust me it isn't loud and in your face
  30. I'd get the cgr one. You get what you pay for and theirs is quality!

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  31. Static at 3/4 revs at a distance of 1m would be perfect, only to see if it can pass noise regs for trackdays.

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  32. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    I'd be very surprised if you have any issues with noise limits with the standard Akra, It still has a Mid box on it.

    Even with a 3" decat and a small rear box i was under 98DB at Rockingham
  33. It'll definitely not break any noise regs trust me! But I'll try get you some results tomorrow
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  34. Mines arrived today , very happy with it & hopefully on at the weekend. Many thanks Charlie at cgr
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  35. I'm hoping my full system turns up tomorrow I'm dying to hear it!
  36. Hi Oink,
    Did you say the Akra is standard? I have just bought (today!) a 265 cup s . Will mind be the same??

    Decat pipes looks awesome !
  37. Akra is standard only on the 275 Trophy.

    Option on the 275 Cup S.

    Not available on the 265.
  38. hi Xanda, thanks for that.
  39. No worries.

    Welcome along BTW.
  40. I have a 265 and bought the Evolution Line Akra aftermarket, its on its way, but from pictures I saw there isn´t a mid box... interesting if that´s the real case (I know it comes with one in the 275 Trophy).

    I have a question regarding the 3" downpipes, bought k tec one, did not install yet, but anyone knows how it couples with the oem 2.5" downpipe assembly ? I am afraid the transition could not be a free flowing one.

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