275 Decat arrived

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  1. Thanks @cgrautomotive

    Looks amazing, cannot wait to get this fitted to the Akrapovic tomorrow :smile:

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  2. Looks brilliant !

    Make sure you get some videos up too
  3. That does look very nicely made!
  4. cgrautomotive

    cgrautomotive RSM Trader

    Glad you're happy @OiNK :smile:

    We're going to be doing a small batch for stock soon, we will get some more pictures up when we get time :sunglasses:
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  5. Naith

    Naith RSM Admin

    I never thought I'd look at some metal and think it to be beautiful!
  6. That's a work of art.

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  7. You get the see it in the flesh tomorrow @Eddie_ before fitting :smile:
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  8. Must say I can't wait to see it but also hear it paired with the Akrapovic.

    Top workmanship on the decat CGR :smile:.

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  9. I have seen a lot of very good design of exhaust manifold including the one for my 205Mi16 and I do call them pretty but the CGR really has the best fine piece of workmanship compare to them all.
  10. cgrautomotive

    cgrautomotive RSM Trader


    Here's a few more pictures of the downpipe to take a look at :sunglasses:
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  11. That is fabrication porn!
  12. Well mine is currently being fitted and I'm sitting patiently eating a mcdonalds breakfast waiting....excited lol
  13. What's the verdict ?

    I bet it sounds brilliant
  14. It sounds incredible now lol! So good, just driven it home, saw it spit a nice big flame out the back earlier at the garage!
  15. That looks like a piece of art! I saw a Cobra decat on Facebook yesterday and the difference in quality is laughable. The Cobra looked so shoddy but this looks like it's made to the highest quality and by a company with real pride in its work.
  16. Looks like Motorsport grade fabrication.

    Possibly a 4 axis cnc tig welder.

    RS 175 Lux
  17. Quite thin walled so probably cnc formed too.

    Looking at the welding round the bosses it was actually probably done by hand but it's very tidy.

    Do you know what grade it is? 304 or 409 stainless?

    RS 175 Lux
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  18. cgrautomotive

    cgrautomotive RSM Trader

    Correct you are, we are a motorsport fabrication company, but we quite enjoy playing with road-cars so bits like this are mainly to keep us sane as the motorsport industry can get a bit mental at times.

    Everything is welded by hand and pulsed on a foot-pedal (no pulse setting here), means we can get full but controlled penetration, not too much to undercut the weld and not too little to make a weak weld.

    The bends are CNC Mandrel formed on a very high-end bender to make sure there's minimal material shrinkage.

    And it's 304 grade stainless :smile:

    Hope this helps! :blush:
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  19. Wow that looks fantastic[emoji1305] really tempted to get one. Did you map the car too afterwards? How does it sound with the Akro? Is your Akro standard from the factory or what??

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  20. Car is still standard apart from the decat and air filter.

    It sounds absolutely incredible now with the decat fitted to the akra, yes the akra is standard from factory.

    Will be getting the car mapped soon enough, although it has not even thrown the EML after fitting the decat.
  21. Good stuff! Videos please!!

    Are t you supposed to have it mapped immediately after fitting one of those? Does it drive ok still?

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  22. Drives better than before lol...it will be getting mapped yes...just need to wait until next payday first lol!
  23. Vids

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  24. It can take some time/miles before the check engine light warning. And i didnt know that they can throw flames without the remap.

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  25. Light came on last night, bugger lol! Time for that remap sooner than I planned :smile:

    But yes, definitely chucking out a flame here and there....
  26. Needs vids ffs![emoji24][emoji14]

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  27. How much louder is the car now at cruising speeds, etc?
  28. I'd like to know this too please. Any chance of some vids dude?[emoji848][emoji23]

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  29. How much is this?

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  30. Any updates

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  32. Sorry guys I was admitted to hospital on Sunday pretty ill....when I get out and bsck on my feet I'll sort vids etc...
  33. Man, hope you're okay and getting sorted.
  34. Get well soon mate!
  35. Shit dude hope you're ok![emoji1316]

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  36. Get well soon dude and hope it's nothing permanent.
  37. Any updates yet my man. Are you better?

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  38. Just out of hospital yesterday after a long two weeks, not up to doing much at all yet, will sort a video for you all when I am back on my feet properly.

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  39. Ok dude glad you are on the mend. Hope you are alright[emoji1317]

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