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Discussion in 'Megane Discussion' started by tof73, Apr 15, 2019 at 1:03 PM.

  1. tof73

    tof73 RSM Club Member

    Guys, I have seen this car for sale as DCI175 but it has F1 Team sticker on front and rear bumpers.

    Did renault sold any F1Team Diesel?

    upload_2019-4-15_13-3-7.png upload_2019-4-15_13-3-29.png
  2. Feirny

    Feirny RSM Admin

    Nah it's someone putting stickers on it afterward. 175DCI only, with or without cup pack.
  3. tof73

    tof73 RSM Club Member

    thats what i thought, thanks for answering

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