Daily cars, what you use, should I change mine.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Richard aitkenhead, Oct 2, 2019.

  1. I dont use my megane or any of my other Renaults as I daily I use this diesel lexus...

    I'm thinking of changing it as it's not that good on diesel really and I dont really feel any love for the car... being rwd it's fun to slide about the out time thou.

    I have 4 kids and a grandson so its handy to have 4 doors and a big boot so that and good encomy is a factor also needs to be a nice place to sit.

    So anyone got any suggestions for what to go for next, what do other people use as a daily car ? .

    He has anyone any experience with a captur or kadjar?

    I really dont want an audi I had an s3 for a while and wasn't for me, all my friends have bmw and I love the look of the x6 it's not good enough on fuel, dont want another lexus.

    FB_IMG_1569993754965.jpg FB_IMG_1569993774912.jpg FB_IMG_1569993810663.jpg FB_IMG_1569993754965.jpg FB_IMG_1569993774912.jpg FB_IMG_1569993810663.jpg
  2. Megane Dci Rs 175, i know they old but there iare good example for not a lot of money and fun to drive and good mpg (circa 40-45mpg ) i love mine and it is practical in 5 doors.
  3. NJH


    Suzuki Vitara S for me. Live in the sticks so need the 4wd some times. Brilliant little car and 45 to 48 mpg on unleaded. Same engine as the latest Swift sport.

    I hardly ever drive the Megane now, literally only once a month.
  4. I already have a mk2 I'm on my 2nd one I rolled the first lol,
    If I didn't it would of been one of my first choices

    I've never thought about a Suzuki before I want to stick with Renault if possible.

    FB_IMG_1570050207108.jpg FB_IMG_1570050198388.jpg
  5. im using a 2011 c class c200 diesel automatic.. can't be happier... good consumption . reliable , station wagon, plenty of space.. and now running almost 300,000 miles..... original engine and gearbox :wink:
  6. To answer both your questions - my wife had a 2019 Captur and now has a 2019 Kadjar (both petrol EDC)....

    The Captur was a great little car, but it was just that - little. Fine if what you want is a small 500/Up/Ka sized 2nd or 3rd car, but not i'd recommend if you wanted to use it daily or put any more than 1 person and 1 person's worth of luggage etc in.

    The Kadjar however is great - its not an especially big car, probably about the size of a Qashqai/Q3 but it feels sooo much bigger than the Captur. We have the GT-Line which comes with the sunroof which makes the car feel even bigger inside, plus its got every toy you could imagine.

    I've driven it a bit and genuinely really like it, its not slow by any means and is perfectly fine doing x-speed on the motorway, the boot is double the size of the Captur and I don't feel a plonker driving it! Plus we have 2 young boys with car-seats and it swallows those plus all the rubbish you need to take everywhere.

    So id recommend both but it just depends what you want it for. The Kadjar especially though as its actually a lovely car and does everything we need it to with a family of 4. As mentioned though its the latest 2019 model GT-Line with all the toys (leather, heated seats, Bose, LED headlights etc.) so whether an older model or a 'lesser' specced model would fit the bill as well is up to you.
  7. My daughter has a Captur, it’s basically an suv version of our Clio, so a small car. She has the range topper so it’s a nice car but still only a 1.2l petrol turbo so really only a run-about.


    I have an AMG A45 daily, great car but probably not for you if your concerned about fuel. Still it’s a far better proposition than our 275 Trophy-R which has no air con, no radio, no back seat, a roll cage & race seats etc.


    Just got my wife a new Audi Q2 daily, 2.0l turbo petrol, DCT box, Quattro, better finish than our AMG, plenty of room, & best of all it doesn’t drive like an suv, great car.

  8. Dolphinsfan13

    Dolphinsfan13 RSM Club Member

    I’ve it a Megane 225 cup and the wife’s got a cliosport 172 both are our daily drivers
  9. My wife has a Vauxhall Mokka,which is by no means a outstanding vehicle.But i have made that mistake before,and bought premium vehicles for a daily driver..and its just not necessary.The mokka has the highest rated safety shell(often overlooked),punchy 1.4 turbo doing over 40mpg,full leather interior,with heated seats,dual climate control,heated steering wheel,auto lights etc etc.This was from our main vauxhall dealer,and was a mobility scheme trade in, when it became 3 years old.
    The thing is..they tend to do very few miles when its on a mobility scheme,and this one had 9000 miles on it!
    All this for 10K..from a main dealer,with warranty.

    Nothings gone wrong in 12 months,its drives just fine,without any body roll,and the wifes happy with it.
    Sometimes we just need to look past the `image` thing,and just go with the practical.

    We have ours other toys for the fun stuff!
  10. I don't do many miles daily as I cycle everywhere.

    But I got my father in law & my Dad both Fiesta's one is 2013 & one is 2016. Both are 1.0 Ecoboost 100bhp.

    It comes in 80, 100, 125 & 140 bhp. No road tax pre-2017 and good economy & very punchy for a 1.0. No worries on diesel hate. This won Engine of the year for about 6 years.

    If fiesta to small. A friend has a Focus with same engine.
  11. 63 qashqai dci.
    60 plate golf 1.6tdi estate
  12. Megane 300 Trophy as my daily.

    Smart Roadster Brabus as my occasional use garage dweller.

    It’s the best blend I’ve had in a while (since I had my 250 Cup and Clio V6).
    I like my occasional car to be full of character, with a rarity and a sense of occasion and am not really bothered if it’s not rapid.
  13. Paddy80

    Paddy80 RSM Club Member

    Cup-s as my daily but not everyday, makes life better! :hearteyes: I do cover more miles on my Boardman Hybrid some weeks though.
    She has a Civic diesel, massive boot and nearly 70 mpg on a long run.
    Daughter has a Swift with the Boosterjet engine, such an impressive car.
    Son has a Fiesta St-Line with 125 bhp, nice car but I'd take the Swift!

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