Cup S 275 at Blakedown

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  1. Thought i should post this here.
    Ive been scanning around getting all the information i can and looking for the best 275 to suit me and when i saw the pictures on this website i was blown away.
    The level of preparation and standard of photography that these guys do on their website is on a totally different level to anything else ive seen and trust me ive seen alot lol
    Every other car sales website could learn a thing or 3 from these guys, and no i dont work for them and they arent paying me to say this. Look for yourself and youll see what i mean (the bigger screen you can look at it on the better)
  2. yes, loads of photos means the car has been well looked after....

    normally i am happy with a front/side/rear photo, and pref interior and engine bay
  3. Yeah it's the closeups and the fact they're in 4k make them look so impressive, the interior looks great on that car. Shame I'm not after a cup s :smile:
  4. 4k is a relatively poor resolution for a photo. That's only about 8 megapixels. My iPhone has more than that.
  5. Yes 8.3 so technically your right, but bear in mind all those shitty 380p blurry shots dealers post on autotrader of muddy unwashed unprepared cars.. there's a really sorry looking red rs 275 on there right now that looks so bad. The display resolution of 3840 pixels × 2160 is what makes it look good on my 27inch 1080p monitor lol but hey these are meaningless numbers. The fact is that website shows bloody mint cars beautifully prepped and displayed better than any other UK car sales website I've come across. (And yes I'm a spec whore who bought a 4k Sony phone too)
  6. Just missing recaros and akrapovic for me
  7. And Ohlins of course :smile:
  8. That's my old car and adding that lot on would have added about 30% onto to the price!

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