R26 Cup 2 or AD08R tyres

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  1. Hi,

    I've just bought an R26 and want to get rid of the ditch finders which are on it currently. I normally go for AD08R's on my cars (have them on my 182 Clio at the moment) but I've never had Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2's before so wondering if it's worth giving them a try? Anyone had both and can do a summary of them back to back?

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    Is this for everyday driving or purely track?
  3. It's for every day driving with a bit of track
  4. ive had both on my R26 and prefer the cup 2, ad08s are really good as well.
  5. two very different tyres ad08 is designed road tyre good grip in dry fair in wet and down to around 4ºC
    Cup2 designed for track, outstanding grip in dry but needs constant temp to perform well, hopeless in wet and cold, tread is just 5.5mm new
  6. i love my federal RSR on my R26.I think a real ad08 rival.Huge grip in the dry..much better than my previous PS4.
    Acceptable wet weather grip,as with all semi slicks.
    Much cheaper to..
  7. RSR such good value, yet to try replacement RSRR
  8. done some research on these..apparently they are a bit better than the RSR`s...but due to the tread pattern,they are incredibly noisy.Obviously not a issue on a race car...but on the road,to much.

    On the road,i think you would have to be driving like a idiot in the dry, to exceed the grip the RSR`s have.
    I was shocked by how much more grip,and turn in they had compared to my PS4`s.

    Apparently,the AR1 is 5 SECONDS a lap quicker at Snetterton than RSR`s...
    If you are doing 95% rode driving,the RSR is a good compromise.
    As with all these type of tyres..watch standing water,but they cope better than most.
  9. I’ve had ad08r’s on my old R26, good all round tyre. Good in the dry on the track but I did donnington in January and it rained all day,

    I’d say they were just ok in the wet. Probably down to it was cold as well so struggled to get any temperature in them.

    I’d imagine a specific road tyre would be better in rainy conditions, a Michelin PS4

    I’ve also had Ar1’s and they are a great tyre and got temp in them straight away, very noisy tyres though!! Thought a Bearing had gone when I fitted them!
  10. yeah..seems the more extreme semi slick you go..the more noise.
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  11. PS4s mate. No better road tyre out there
    Much better than AD08R

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